Interview with Henri Moissinac about Facebook Mobile and India

I recently had an interesting discussion with Henri Moissinac of Facebook Mobile about their Mobile Strategy , their growth in the mobile space and their plans for one of the largest markets in the World – India.


Nokia is the largest handset manufacturer in the world and Facebook is currently the largest social networking site. The partnership between Facebook and Nokia started with Nokia’s popular devices Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97 and the partnership has been quite fruitful till now, with applications and home screen widgets released for Nokia 5800 and N97. That being said, the future possibilities seem endless and quite promising with the recent announcement of the Lifecasting application at Nokia World which ushers in a lot of excitement for the users.

The Facebook app on the iPhone platform is by far one of the most downloaded applications on the Apple App Store and the recent 3.0 version of the app is quite simply one of the best applications developed ever on the iPhone platform. Continue reading “Interview with Henri Moissinac about Facebook Mobile and India”

5 Free Group Messaging Services in India

Ever wanted to send free SMS to a group of friends inviting them for a party or a function? You keep sending such group invitation using your mobile and shelling a large amount of talk time? Just try out any of the below mentioned free group SMS solutions in India and save a large amount of talk time.


Mytoday is among one of the first services started by Netcore solutions which provided one of its kind services and followed it are many other services like Tagg, SMSGupshup, Vakow, GoogleSMSChannels, etc.


SMSGupshup – This is the service, that brought change to the Indian group messaging solution. Though, Netcore’s Mytoday was launched much prior to SMSGupShup but Gupshup was hit just because of its huge investment in advertising and marketing its product.

tagg is another entrant in free group messaging solution in India followed by Rajesh Jain’s Mytoday and webaroo’s SMSGupShup. was initiated by another commerce graduate – Ashish Deora who was the founder of AOL broadband in India. Though also tried hard to market its product, it remained far behind Mytoday and SMSGupshup because of the downtime their service faced many times in the past.


Vakow is a service that you MUST have come across for sure, if you are a twitter fan. Apart from free group messaging solution, another advantage Vakow has over all other free group messaging services is that it used to update your twitter account using the SMS that you send to their 10 digit mobile number. But it seems even this service (sending tweets via SMS) has also now went down as I am unable to use it since last couple of months.

google sms channels

GoogleSMSChannels – A service that does not needs a description. This free group messaging solution is in testing phase of Google and as such tagged as ‘Labs’. Though Google was late to come out with such a service, but its definitely worth using once. The biggest advantage with Google SMS Channels is, unlike any other free group messaging solutions, it delivers the SMSs at a very fast rate and that is not all.. Its the only free group messaging services in India supporting SMS publishing of full 160 characters without any ads in the footer.

Group messaging lovers out there, now its your work to use the above mentioned services and rate them on the comments section below. 🙂

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