Nokia Asha phones might return as HMD Global files trademark

HMD Global just trademarked “Asha” with the EU Intellectual Property Office. Asha is the Nokia’s former feature phone line-up with a touchscreen display and support for services like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. Continue reading “Nokia Asha phones might return as HMD Global files trademark”

Why the Microsoft – Nokia acquisition happened

nokia-ceo-stephen-elop-asha-501 copy

Nokia and Microsoft just ended their joint press conference, in an effort to explain the acquisition the companies announced earlier today. As with any major announcement, especially with a brand like Nokia which invokes a lot of emotion, the reactions were predictably…. emotional. Risto Siilasma probably said it best, at the joint Nokia press conference in Finland – The acquisition is “Rationally perfect, emotionally complicated.” which we wholeheartedly agree with. But what drove the companies towards this deal? Why did Microsoft buy Nokia? What’s in it for both the companies? We try to explain with two points of views, read on.

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Microsoft and Nokia, what does it mean?

Nokia acquisition


By now, you’ve likely read about Nokia’s Devices and Services division being acquired in a deal by Microsoft. You’ve also likely read about the movement of CEO Stephen Elop amongst others back to Redmond and Microsoft. What has been less clear is the fallout likely to come from this deal as well as the reasoning behind this acquisition.

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Nokia’s HERE Maps launched on Asha 501

Nokia just announced the launch of HERE Maps for the Asha 501 that runs the new Asha Touch platform. The Asha 501 is a budget offering by the ailing smartphone manufacturer and the introduction of the powerful navigation application on the platform will definitely help it stand out from the competition.

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Nokia Asha 501 review

501 Merge

As it continues its fight to regain its place in the smartphone segment, it is Nokia’s feature phone segment that is keeping it afloat. Nokia’s Asha series is wildly popular and with the Nokia Asha 501, the Finnish manufacturer is all set to disrupt the market once again. We’ve previously done a quick hands on with the device but we finally got to spend some time with the handset. Is it worth the hype ? Read on to find out. Continue reading “Nokia Asha 501 review”

Nokia Asha 501 (Red) Photo Gallery


The Nokia Asha 501 forms the next generation of feature phones. Bright colorful designs, a touch centric interface and the legendary Nokia build quality are poised to offer a very compelling smartphone-like experience to a first time user. Here’s a gallery of Nokia’s latest while we work on the review. Continue reading “Nokia Asha 501 (Red) Photo Gallery”

Nokia Asha 205 Review


The Asha 205 is one of Nokia’s low end offerings that aims to help people with a lower budget experience a glimpse of the various services of the internet, and prepare them for the smartphone onslaught. It can also be a secondary back up device for Smartphone users for its battery life and basic internet connectivity. With a nice QWERTY keyboard aimed at the youth, and with a low price of Rs. 3,475 can it satisfy the budget user? Lets find out.

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Mail for Exchange now available for Asha Touch devices

Nokia’s Asha Touch devices just got a new feature that inches them slightly towards the ‘smart phone’ category. The Finnish phone manufacturer has pushed out an application on the Ovi Store that will allow Asha Touch phones to sync data via Mail for Exchange.

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Nokia Asha 310 vs Samsung Rex 90


You might have seen a lot of  comparisons here lately, mostly dealing with big budget tablets or interesting smartphones, but we never were able to show you how the entry level market was like, especially with so many touch devices in that segment now. These are not smartphones, but they are not dumbphones either. Nokia particularly calls its new range Asha phone smartphones, which most might not agree with, but it has some really good features to talk about. Similarly,  Samsung also recently launched its Rex series of devices to combat the Nokia Asha range in a similarly priced market. So, which one is better? Lets find out.

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Nokia teases new Asha devices, to be launched on April 24th


It has been a while since Nokia launched new devices in its Asha range of low to mid range priced mobile phones. Last time we saw cheap phones from Nokia was at the Mobile World Congress in which they announced the Nokia 301 and the Nokia 105, which were surprisingly not part of the Asha range. It was not surprising to think that may be Nokia is going for full touch for its Asha brand exclusively, especially with the success for devices like the Asha 311. With Android devices completely eroding Nokia’s marketshare at the low end, they desperately need a refresh, and the above image suggests that Nokia will be gearing up for a new wave of Asha devices starting April 24th.

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Nokia ships 5.6 million Lumia smartphones in Q1 2013


As part of its quarterly earnings report, Nokia has revealed its device shipments for the 1st quarter of 2013. Reporting an operating loss of $150 million, the Finnish smartphone manufacturer has declared 30% lower shipments. This can be attributed to increasing competition and sales in upper segments of smartphones. Continue reading “Nokia ships 5.6 million Lumia smartphones in Q1 2013”

Nokia 301 Photo Gallery

A very interesting offering from Nokia, the 301 is available in a range of colors. The phone with a range of innovative features at a very affordable price point.

Specifications include 256MB of internal memory and 64MB of RAM which should keep things chugging along smooth enough.  Continue reading “Nokia 301 Photo Gallery”

Nokia 114 with dual SIM launched for Rs. 2,549

The Nokia 114 was launched in India today at a price point of Rs. 2,549. The handset is an addition to the company’s feature phone line up. The Nokia 114 is equipped with a long lasting battery which is rated for 10 hours of talk time and almost a month of standby time.

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