Nokia 5800 gets firmware update to v51.0.006

The Nokia 5800 has got a new firmware update to version 51.0.006 which is expected to improve the overall performance of this phone. The Mail for Exchange support has been improved in the email client. The Browser has also got some improvment. Video Calls also might work better than usual. Continue reading “Nokia 5800 gets firmware update to v51.0.006”

Nokia 5800 gets firmware update to v50 – changelog + video

There is a new firmware update available for the Nokia 5800 -v50.0.005. This phone received a major firmware update earlier this year with the v40 firmware which brought kinetic scrolling and other improvements. Now this update brings Kinetic scrolling to the Menu . Music  player has been improved too. Change log after the jump

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Nokia 5800 v40 Firmware Changelog + Videos

The Nokia 5800 just got a firmware update to v40.0.005 .  Many 5800 users across the world have been waiting for a long time for this update.  Here is the change log for the v40 firmware for the Nokia 5800

Nokia 5800 firmware update v40.0.005 brings kinetic scrolling

The Nokia 5800 got a firmware update just hours ago which adds Kinetic scrolling to the phone. The version V40.0.005 firware has been in development for quite some time and has been released finally. Continue reading “Nokia 5800 firmware update v40.0.005 brings kinetic scrolling”

Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition lands in USA with lifetime voice-guided navigation


Consumers in USA can grab the latest touchscreen navigation device from Nokia in the form of Nokia 5800 Navigation edition.  The phone is just the 5800 XpressMusic with better looks due the silver  bezel and a device lifetime voice-guided navigation for North America and you also get a a car kit in the retail box to make it easy for you to mount the phone on your car’s windshield Continue reading “Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition lands in USA with lifetime voice-guided navigation”

Nokia 5800 firmware version v31.0.101 Out


Nokia has just released a new firmware 31.0.101 for Nokia 5800. However there are no major changes in the the phone after the firmware upgrade and the much touted kinetic scrolling is still missing in the phone. Continue reading “Nokia 5800 firmware version v31.0.101 Out”

Nokia 5800 gets a new firmware upgrade, reaches v31.0.008

Good News for all the Nokia 5800 fans! It has just got a new firmware update (v31.0.008) via OTA and as well as via NSU (File size being 6MB and 100MB respectively).

The new firmware update (v31.0.008) brings along with it a lot of known bugfixes and improved sensitivity of the touchscreen. The firmware has been released for several product codes in European countries today and shall be rolling out for others in the coming few days.

To update your firmware via Over The Air method, just type *#0000# from the dialler and then press ‘Options => Check for updates‘. And if you are lucky, the update dialog would pop up, else you will have to wait for few days for the new firmware to get rolled up worldwide.

However, before proceeding with the firmware upgrade, we advise you to backup all your important phone data as usual, even though 5800 has UDP (User Data Preservation).

The Changes in the new firmware v31.0.008 are as follows:

  1. Nokia Maps has been updated to Ovi Maps 3.1
  2. The Ovi Store client has been updated to v1.05(231)
  3. Performance Improvements has been observed which means more free RAM and better memory optimisations.

Did you get the new update? Did you find anything extra which was previously not there in 5800? Do Pass On your comments.

Nokia 5800 Users in India will get New Firmware Update in October

nokia-5800-xpressmusic-0Some good news for all 5800 users in India. Nokia will be offering a firmware update  for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic by early October. We got this info from a very reliable source at Nokia India. It would coincide with the release of the N97 mini in the market and also the v2.0 update for the N97 Continue reading “Nokia 5800 Users in India will get New Firmware Update in October”

Peek at Kinetic Scrolling on Nokia 5230


Had a chance to have a peek into the Kinetic scrolling feature in the 5230. This feature makes scrolling easier in lists such as Contacts , Music, Bookmarks.  While the phone is expected to be launched in Q4 . We have an early video to share with you. Continue reading “Peek at Kinetic Scrolling on Nokia 5230”

Nokia 5800 gets Major Price Cut

Nokia 5800 – the first mainstream touchscreen music phone from Nokia got a Major Price Cut today. From our sources in the mobile retailers . The new price before tax would be Rs.13499 which is a killer price for a touchscreen music device. Looks like Nokia might phase out this phone soon and wants to bring the all new X6 to India soon.


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Interview with Henri Moissinac about Facebook Mobile and India

I recently had an interesting discussion with Henri Moissinac of Facebook Mobile about their Mobile Strategy , their growth in the mobile space and their plans for one of the largest markets in the World – India.


Nokia is the largest handset manufacturer in the world and Facebook is currently the largest social networking site. The partnership between Facebook and Nokia started with Nokia’s popular devices Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97 and the partnership has been quite fruitful till now, with applications and home screen widgets released for Nokia 5800 and N97. That being said, the future possibilities seem endless and quite promising with the recent announcement of the Lifecasting application at Nokia World which ushers in a lot of excitement for the users.

The Facebook app on the iPhone platform is by far one of the most downloaded applications on the Apple App Store and the recent 3.0 version of the app is quite simply one of the best applications developed ever on the iPhone platform. Continue reading “Interview with Henri Moissinac about Facebook Mobile and India”

Nokia 5530 vs 5800 in Pictures

If you are still in a dilemma whether to go for the the Nokia 5530 or 5800. Have a look at the pics below. 5530 has been launched in India but not yet available in shops when we checked with dealers today. Its expected soon in stores at a price of Rs.14000 before tax. Enjoy the pics as we gear up for Nokia World in Germany Continue reading “Nokia 5530 vs 5800 in Pictures”

Nokia Music Store is Live in India

Nokia Music Store can be accessed via your desktop and mobile and gives options to choose from over 3 million tracks. Once the Nokia Music client is installed on your desktop, you can access the entire store, browse through tracks, search by artists and genres, create your wish list and download songs from the store.


Other highlights of the Nokia Music Store include the ability to listen to a 30 second clip of any track on the store before downloading it. You can browse for new music, get recommendations or search for their favorite artists, songs or albums all from the palm of their hand. You can download directly to a mobile device without having to download the same song again on their computer. You will also be able to transfer songs via a PC to compatible Nokia devices.

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Nokia Launches 5230 and 5530 Cheap TouchScreen phones in India

Its raining new Nokia phones and laptops this week as we are just 1 week away from Nokia World 2009. Nokia has launched the 5230 XpressMusic Touchscreen phone at an attractive price of Rs.10000. The 5230 and 5530 were launched today at New Delhi, India. It’s interesting to note that 5230 was launched today in India for the first time. The device has not been spotted anywhere else in the world. Looks like Nokia is trying hard to retain its title of being the most trusted brand in India

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