Samsung giving away free Galaxy S phones to troubled iPhone 4 users

In a innovative marketing tactic Samsung UK is contacting troubled iPhone 4 users over twitter and sending them a free Galaxy S Android phone. If you are in UK and have issues with the iPhone 4. Do tweet about it soon to get your free Galaxy S until stocks last.

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A Byte of Apple : Apple pulls it off, in more ways than one!

If there was any doubt in our minds as to the outcome of the iPhone 4 ‘antennagate’ press conference, the digital Pied Piper of our generation brought his A-game to the event. And what a show he pulled off! It took a carefully crafted set of words – “We’re not perfect. Phones are not perfect. We all know that. But we want to make our users happy.” – for Steve Jobs to turn the event from a witch-hunt defense to a discourse on smartphones in general, and that they, much like the iPhone 4, have problems.

(image courtesy flickr user random_j)

In doing so, Jobs took the moral high ground about the challenge all manufacturers face with managing antenna issues, further driving home the point with videos demonstrating top smartphones suffering signal attenuation when gripped firmly. Add to this the carefully curated data around the lower rate of product returns and dropped calls the iPhone 4 had seen (compared to the 3GS). In effect, by the time he announced free bumper cases and a no-questions-asked 30-day full-refund return option, he’d turned the iPhone 4 around from being a potential buggy dud to pretty much the best smartphone around, albeit one that had an Achilles heel that was common to all smartphones! And ever so often, repeating the mantra of “keeping the users happy”, and before you know it, Apple walked out of the “antenna-gate” smelling of roses.

On cue, RIM, Nokia and HTC reacted strongly to being painted with the same wide brush, each shooting back strong missives in Apple’s direction for involving them in “Apple’s self-made debacle”. For Apple, the job is done – the iPhone 4 has come out of this (almost) squeaky clean, and the subject of antenna design decisions has been brought out so clearly into public consciousness for the first time.

And just as this was threatening to blow up, along came Apple’s Q3 earnings call earlier this week. In case you missed it, here’s the gist. The numbers look good, with a record $15.7 billion earned for the June quarter, right about when they shipped the hundred millionth iOS (iPad, iPod touch or iPhone) device. What’s important to note is that the iOS products now contribute two-thirds of Apple’s revenues, and this is in a quarter that saw 3.472 million Macs sold during the June quarter, up 33 percent year-over-year and easily outpacing the 20% growth rate PCs showed. Not surprisingly, the company is now sitting easy on $45.8 billion in cash, and with the iPad launching in nine more countries – Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, and Singapore – as you read this ( on Friday, July 23), their next quarter looks set to do no less. If anything, Apple’s going to have to watch their suppliers closely, ‘coz at the rate at which they’re going, supply just isn’t going to keep up with demand. That’s a good problem to have, in any case.

As we wrap up this week’s A Byte of Apple, we couldn’t possibly close without a mention of Flipboard – A Social Magazine App for the iPad. As the name suggests, Flipboard creates a magazine out of a user’s social content, and early user response suggest this could be the way to consume Facebook, twitter and your other social feeds while fitting into the chilling-out lifestyle of iPad media consumption.

Now, a week full of controversy and hard numbers does have its light moments too – and this week’s humor is courtesy a thief who earlier this week made off with an iPhone snatched right from a woman’s hand in the San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood, not knowing that the phone was being used in a demonstration of real-time GPS tracking. Of all the phones he could have whacked, he picked this one! What are the odds!?! No prizes for guessing what happened next – he was picked up by police about ten minutes later with the help of the location tracking. Talk about being a #fail at what you do!

Airtel Blackberry Prepaid Service at Rs.80 per week

Vodafone and Tata Docomo are offering daily rental plans for Blackberry Service on Prepaid. Airtel does not have a daily rental plans but weekly plans starting at Rs.80 per weeek for Email and BBM and Rs.100 per week for Email, BBM and Browsing. Find the various plans after the break. Continue reading “Airtel Blackberry Prepaid Service at Rs.80 per week”

Vodafone India launches BlackBerry Plans starting at Rs 15 per day for Unlimited usage

Looks like RIM and Vodafone finally realized that it’s existing  plans were still not affordable for the average user.So they have come up with attractive daily rental plans for the Blackberry Service.Vodafone customers can choose from daily, three day, weekly and monthly Blackberry plans. The plans will give users unlimited access to email, BlackBerry Messenger, instant messaging, social networking and Internet browsing and also BlackBerry AppWorld app store.The plans start at Rs.15 per day for unlimited usage!

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HP talks about webOS, webOS 2.0 coming later this year

Head of HP Palm Division Jon Rubinstein, also known as the former Palm CEO, said during an interview with Fortune that WebOS 2.0 is coming out later this year. July is about to end and only 5 months are left in 2011 arrival. Continue reading “HP talks about webOS, webOS 2.0 coming later this year”

More than 55% Android users are on Android 2.1

Android OS is known as the one of the famous and the fastest growing operating system. Google has revealed some new fresh details about Android OS. The new Android fragmentation details shows that 55% devices are now running on Android 2.1. The main reason of this rapid growth is Droid X, EVO 4G, Samsung Galaxy S, and Motorola Droid. Only 3.3% devices are running on Android 2.2, and at the moment only Nexus One is running Android 2.2.

Still more than 40% devices are running Android 1.5 and 1.6, which contains devices like Motorola Cliq, Xperia X10, Xperia X10 Mini etc. I hope that latest Android build for these devices will be out soon, and then in next fragmentation chart, we will see only few devices running on Android 1.5 and 1.6.

New Android version is rumored to be out in Q4, which is known as Gingerbread or Android 2.3, then we will see some good, latest, and more devices running it.

Have a look on the graph after the break:

PaisaGate – track your expenses from your mobile

Keeping track of your expenses is such a headache and PaisaGate is a service that might solve this problem. PaisaGate is the brain child of Chennai based startup Flexscient Technologies and was founded in September 2009. PaisaGate aims to make money management simple by letting users plan budgets and track expenses using SMS, mobile application or online interfaces.


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Time Magazine hits Android market

Time Magazine is known as the one of the famous magazines in the world. It is one of the most read magazines in the world, and it’s always first choice in magazines. The Time Magazine app is already available on iOS, but not on Android OS. When Time saw some potential in Android OS, then they finally launched the Time Magazine app for Android. The Time Magazine app features:

  • Mark sections as favorites
  • Create home screen widget
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Download articles to read offline or save them to read a later date
  • Search through TIME database

You can download the application by scanning the QR Code after the break:

And if you are browsing from your mobile, then follow this link.

TATA DOCOMO now offers Daily and Weekly plans for BlackBerry Prepaid Users

Tata Docomo is back with some interesting plan. This time its a Daily and Weekly rental plan for Blackberry Service. Have you ever wanted try Blackberry service but decided to skip due to the huge costs ?  Grab a Blackberry and a Tata Docomo SIM card, you can now get a daily plan for as cheap as Rs.12 !

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Wall Street Journal iPhone 4 Interview

I had a chance to interact with Arlene Chang who writes on IndiaRealTime which is part of the Wall Street Journal India Edition. As you all know , we were one of the first to get the iPhone 4 in India. I shared my thoughts about the same and about the prospects for the new device in India.

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Motorola is no longer producing the Motorola Droid?

The news comes from Droid-Life, when their readers told them that they tried to claim their Droid over at mobile insurance company Asurion, but they were told that Motorola has stopped the production of the Motorola Droid and is no longer available in stock, and instead of Motorola Droid, they will replace it with Motorola Devour, Droid Eris, or LG Ally. So people if your Droid is insured, then don’t sit on it because Asurion is not going to replace it with a new Motorola Droid (Droid Eris is not a bad choice).

If Motorola has stopped the production of Droid, then it means that the Droid 2 is in production, which is a successor to the Droid 1. Somehow, the discontinuing of Droid 1 is not bad, because Droid 2 is a new, fast, and a better version, and people like buying new and improve stuff instead of buying something old. But Droid don’t think we’ll forget you, because you are known as the one of the best Android devices ever made.