Sony Ericsson confirms XPERIA X10 range getting Android 2.1 update by Q3 2010

From Q3 the the XPERIA X10 , X10 mini and X10 mini pro will get Android 2.1 upgrade as confirmed by a Sony Ericsson executive at the event here in singapore

X10 will get update to enable full HD Video recording by Q3 and also DLNA wireless sharing by Q4 2010

SE had earlier announced updates scheduled for Q4 2010.

Q3 is not too far way. Good news for Sony Ericsson users !

Sony Ericsson Yendo – First Touchscreen Walkman phone

Sony Ericsson has officially announced the Yendo which we covered yesterday. It’s walkman phone with a touchscreen a first for Sony. It has a 2.6 inch display and a 4 corner touch UI.  This phone runs on a proprietary OS .  Also included are a 2 MP Camera , 3.5 mm audio jack. Continue reading “Sony Ericsson Yendo — First Touchscreen Walkman phone”

Tons of Nokia N8 Pics from Singapore

Here are tons of pics of the Nokia N8 which we played with at Nokia Connection 2010 in Singapore.  Check out the photos  and do let us know in the comments which color of the N8 do you like the most ! We love the N8 hardware and the colors . We are just hoping Symbian^3 is not a deal breaker. Continue reading “Tons of Nokia N8 Pics from Singapore”

Samsung Galaxy BEAM Projector Phone

We have already seen the Samsung Beam codenamed Halo which was the first Projector phone running on Android. Now looks like Samsung has added a new model called Galaxy Beam. While we figure out the difference between the two Beams , watch a Video of projector in action.  Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy BEAM Projector Phone”

Nokia N8 Music and Video Playback

We had the chance to check out the Nokia N8 at Nokia Connection 2010 and we must say the phone feels great to grip. Finally full metal on a N-series device. The large screen (not as large as the HTC EVO 4G) but pretty good for a Nokia. Music playback is pretty loud considering there is only one speaker on the rear below the camera. The Cover flow animations are pretty cool but looks to have been inspired by Apple. Continue reading “Nokia N8 Music and Video Playback”

Nokia X5 Surprise Me feature lets you spin your phone to change the track

The Nokia X5-01 has a lot of features found in most phones these days but two interesting features grabbed our attention. Feature one dubbed Surprise Me lets you spin your phone on surface and it changes the track to a random one in your playlist. The second feature lets you know how many unread messages you have by just shaking the phone.  But when the music is playing shaking the phone picks the next track. Continue reading “Nokia X5 Surprise Me feature lets you spin your phone to change the track”

Samsung launches 6 new phones at CommunicAsia

We are at the Samsung booth at CommunicAsia 2010 and Samsung has launched 6 new phones at the event. Omnia Pro 4 and 5 confirm handset maker still has some faith in Windows Mobile. The Galaxy 3 and 5 running on Android seem to be entry level Android phones. The Wave 2 and Wave 2 Pro seem to be running Bada inside Samsung’s Labs but they showed us only good for nothing dummy hardware for these.  More live pics after the jump. We also had some camera time with the Galaxy S and Galaxy Beam and the Champ. More stuff coming soon. Continue reading “Samsung launches 6 new phones at CommunicAsia”