Apple iPhone 3.0 spotted in Hong Kong

The iPhone rumors just don’t stop coming . This time the rumor is accompanied by blurry pictures of the iPhone 3.0 spotted in Hong Kong. We have seen a lot of these features in the iPhone 3.0 software. It’s not clear if these were taken with a iPhone running the software or whether its the upcoming phone itself. There are no pictures of the body of the phone .

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Nokia N97 Unboxed and Compared with the E71

The Nokia N97 the upcoming N-Series Monster which we he have been covering a lot of the past few days is slowly making its appearance worldwide. It was spotted in South Africa with a gentleman named Paul

He has some great pictures of the N97’s retail box and also given all some great proof that the N97 is not as big as it seems in the pictures . He compared the N97 with the E71 which has got one of the best form factors. Jump inside to find the proof for yourself.

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Sony Ericsson Announces Yari and Aino

Sony Ericsson has announced two new mobile phones, the Yari and the Aino.

Let us have a look at the Yari first. It’s features at a glance are:

2.4″ 262k Colour Screen with QVGA resolution, 5MP Camera (Autofocus,LED Flash, Geo-tagging, face detection, image stabilizer) and QVGA Video Recording, GPS, GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA, 60MB memory with micro-SD card slot etc. Continue reading “Sony Ericsson Announces Yari and Aino”

Vodafone Launches Bonus Cards for Punjab Prepaid subscribers


Vodafone have just introduced a couple of Bonus cards for its customers in Punjab. Here are the details

  • Prepaid bonus card 25
  • Prepaid Bonus card 49

In prepaid bonus card 25 a customer can send unlimited national sms at the rate of 20 paise doesn’t matter which network or at what time you are sending the SMS. Continue reading “Vodafone Launches Bonus Cards for Punjab Prepaid subscribers”

Bharti Airtel: Mobile Tariff Cuts Limited


Recently, it was speculated, by many mobile experts that roll out of new service providers and the upcoming mobile number portability (MNP) may lower the mobile tariffs further.

But in a press release, top officials of Bharti Airtel, India’s top mobile service provider said “does not expect the entry of new players in an already competitive market to drastically push down mobile tariffs”. Continue reading “Bharti Airtel: Mobile Tariff Cuts Limited”

3D TV on your mobile – A technology that will soon be a reality

Remember the first 3D Indian movie experience? Wearing those cumbersome glasses did not deter the spirit of lakhs of youngsters who flocked to cinemas to view the wonder of 3D – Chota Chetan!

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India on the map again: 1 in 6 BOLT users is INDIAN!

That India is a humungous cell phone market is sort of old news now.

Touted to be one of the fastest growing mobile markets of the world (a DoT study shows we should be about a billion mobile users by 2014), it will come as no surprise that Indians have arrived on the mobility telcom map. Also consider the fact that several mobile companies have been launching their handsets in India along with their global launches and in some cases even before the global launch. Recall Sony Xperia!

Recently though, a very interesting Press Release arrived at our doorstep that informed us of how 1 in every 6 BOLT users were from India

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Palm Pre Hands On Hits The Internet Early!

Consider our minds blown.

BGR has what is the World’s first hands on with the Palm Pre.

Early impressions are a lackluster keyboard: BG says that the top row is hard to type on due to your fingers hitting the top half of the phone, and the buttons are a little hard to type with as well often times hitting two buttons at once. Continue reading “Palm Pre Hands On Hits The Internet Early!”

Protect Your iPhone’s Look and Improve Camera Quality with Clarifi


Do you own Apple’s iPhone or thinking to get one but you are disappointed with the camera quality of the phone? Or do you want to protect your phone from scratches- then Griffin’s Clarifi is a pretty good option available for you. It is an exterior casing for the Apple iPhone with an inbuilt lens that can clarify the camera quality of the most loved phone – Apple iPhone. Continue reading “Protect Your iPhone’s Look and Improve Camera Quality with Clarifi”

Google ION Unboxing Pictures and Observations

You just read about Google giving away free android phones to developers.

We thought it was the HTC Magic but then looks like Google has branded the handset as ION to mark the occasion – Google I/O

Folks from AndroidandMe have posted some great unboxing pictures of the phone.

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Nokia N97 rolling out in June,more Touchscreen phones coming soon

According to Digitimes , Nokia is launching the N97 in Taiwan next month – June. Also it going to announce more touchscreen phones , based on the Symbian S60 5th Edition  platform. This was from a Michael Hsu, general manager of Nokia Taiwan.

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