Download ShoZu for Nokia 5800

ShoZu has released its mobile application for the Nokia touchscreen phones, Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97. For those who are still wondering what Shozu is, its an application that lets you share your photos or videos on mobile to most of the online networking sites, photo galleries, blogs, email, etc. with a simple mobile interface.

ShoZu supports more than sites, including the likes of Facebook, Flickr, twitter, YouTube, etc. It also has support for Ovi, so you do not need multiple clients for your Nokia phone. Continue reading “Download ShoZu for Nokia 5800”

Hotmail on Nokia Messaging

Now access your Windows Live Hotmail on Nokia Messaging.

Nokia Messaging is designed for ease of use and mobility and offers users a full feature. It is currently free to download and set-up, and supports the popular email accounts including, Windows Live Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, AOL Mail.

It also enables access of up to 10 personal email accounts on a Nokia device, and through one single icon. Once Nokia Messaging is set-up, email accounts can be added to the service directly on the phone, as well as via the Nokia Messaging website ( Continue reading “Hotmail on Nokia Messaging”

Mobile Stores to start selling Nokia E75 next week

Finally the phone was made official at MWC 09 at Barcelona this February ..

The price of the phone is expected to be Rs.23500 according to the dealer . Not yet confirmed though

The pricing seems perfect as E71 is retailing at just a few thousands away

If you can’t wait to check out the e75 check out the unboxing and the camera samples

For all of you who wanted us to let you know when the E75 is available in the market, here’s the first call.

We told you about the Pre Booking

Today , I got a call from a mobile dealer in my city about the availability of Nokia E75 . Most mobile dealers should start selling the phone starting from Monday.

We have been covering the E75 right from the first video leak in Sep 2008

Then the pictures leaked followed by the specs Continue reading “Mobile Stores to start selling Nokia E75 next week”

Motorola Evoke QA4 Touchscreen slider to keep your social life active

Motorola, Inc. recently introduced Motorola Evoke QA4, a touchscreen slider touted to keep you connected and keep your social life active.

“We understand the importance of having a mobile phone that helps you stay connected simply and seamlessly with your friends and family, whether you prefer to talk, text or network,” said Mark Shockley, corporate vice president and general manager, Motorola Mobile Devices. “Motorola Evoke offers the cutting-edge convenience and instant gratification of a full touch-screen, intuitive online browsing and the ability to stay plugged in on your terms.”

Continue reading “Motorola Evoke QA4 Touchscreen slider to keep your social life active”

HTC Snap: Ease your business communication

There is something about the HTC Snap™ that will make you go ‘va va voom’. Sleek lines and curvaceous rounded edges mark this debutant smartphone from HTC with a QWERTY keypad.

The handset is touted to be what users really need: Information segregation and making certain that they are not overwhelmed by mails they don’t need. Sounds really innovative and this is how it works!

HTC’s innovative Inner Circle feature allows HTC Snap users to press a dedicated Inner Circle key to bring emails from a preselected group of people to the top of their inbox, enabling important messages to be acted upon immediately.

“Recognizing that people are being overwhelmed by an avalanche of email, the HTC Snap introduces Inner Circle, an HTC innovation that makes it easy for people to prioritize messages from the most important people in their lives at the press of a button,” said John Wang, Chief Marketing Officer, HTC Corporation. “The HTC Snap represents the latest step in HTC’s mission to create a range of innovative smartphones, each with specific benefits designed to both surprise and delight our customers.” Continue reading “HTC Snap: Ease your business communication”

Sony Ericsson T707 to light up your life!

The T707, recently announced by Sony Ericsson lights up when you receive a call. The light settings can be personalised to each of your friends. If you are too busy to answer, simply end the call with a wave of your hand over the screen – you can also do the same gesture to snooze the alarm!

The new handset touted to epitomise the style and elegance of its brand ambassador tennis star and style icon Maria Sharapova, is a flip phone and has sleek looks….and  going by the colours, it is certainly targeted at the youthful female segment.

“The T707 is my ultimate new accessory,” said Maria. “I am always on the go and I need a phone that is easy to use, and of course chic as well!” Continue reading “Sony Ericsson T707 to light up your life!”

Nokia N97 Photo Gallery

For all the folks waiting for the Nokia N97 which is one of the most anticipated mobile phones – here are some real pics of this beautiful phone ..

The folks at SpazioCellulaire a spanish site have published some cool pics of this flagship N-Series handset.

The handset is the First Symbian S50 5th Device with both Touchscreen and Keypad. Nokia 5800 XpressMusic was the first TouchScreen device.

Nokia is projecting the phone as a “Mobile Computer”

Sit back , Relax  and enjoy the Photo Gallery

Continue reading “Nokia N97 Photo Gallery”

Nokia 5130 Xpress Music Review

Since we have had loads of requests from users about this launch we decided to bring you an Exclusive Nokia 5130 XpressMusic Review with loads of pictures of the phone and also a couple of video clips which demo the music capabilities of the phone. … But the audio quality is dynamic and enjoyable when you use the earphones or a set of insanely expensive Bose Speakers Nokia 5130 XpressMusic Price and Availability The phone has started retailing at a maximum retail price of Rs.6200 including taxes at Chennai Package Contents – Whats in the Box 1GB microSD card preloaded with 50 MP3 songs

Nokia 5130 XpressMusic the latest affordable music phone from Nokia.

Since we have had loads of requests from users about this launch we decided to bring you an Exclusive  XpressMusic Review with loads of pictures of the phone and also a couple of video clips which demo the music capabilities of the phone.

Nokia 5130 XpressMusic Design and Physical Aspects

The phone is bar form factor with rounded corners and a curved back panel with a smooth finish.

The speaker sits in the bottom of the back panel.

The camera is present in the top rear and

The keypad supports multilingual input

notice the Tamil Characters on the keypad.

Continue reading “Nokia 5130 Xpress Music Review”

3.2 Megapixel Camera in upcoming Apple iPhone 3.0

Apple is one of the leaders in electronics, computers and most recently mobile phones. Most of you would have heard about iPhone. This phone is an internet connected smartphone that has multimedia capabilities. One of its main features is its multi-touch screen. The iPhone has many features including a camera , portable media player or ipod and an internet browser- safari.The iPhone was introduced to the public on June 29, 2007. One year later, they announced that there would be a new 3G version. The folks at Apple are constantly working to develop new and exciting features and models of this innovative mobile phone. Continue reading “3.2 Megapixel Camera in upcoming Apple iPhone 3.0”

HTC TouchPro Unboxing Video

A little while ago we brought you unboxing pictures of the HTC Touch Pro .. Now we have the video for you ..

This phone reminds me a lot of the HTC G1 in terms of design which is the first google android phone .

But this one is tad heavier and can replace your paper weights !

We are excited about this device since its the first Windows Mobile 6 device we are playing with.

Nokia Flagship Store in Chicago

I had a chance to visit the Nokia Flagship store in Chicago last year.

There are only 2 such stores in all of the USA – Chicago and New York City.

If you are a die hard fan of Nokia, then you MUST visit this place if you happen to visit any of the two cities.

The ambiance is just brilliant ! Its like a jewelery shop with all the diamonds in glass casings. Here the diamonds are Nokia Mobile phones .. You can find several colors of the same popular model on display. And the best part is that the phones work and you are allowed to use them.

Courteous and friendly Nokia staff help and guide you to check all the handsets. I showed my E71 and N82 (my digicam) to an attendant and he was surprised and asked me if I was crazy about Nokia handsets

More pictures after the jump Continue reading “Nokia Flagship Store in Chicago”

Gmail App on Nokia E71 – Video Review

Most of us would know about Gmail app for mobile phones.. It came out first as a java application but works smoothly on most phones

The app has evolved a lot over time.

Interesting features in the current version of the application include

  • Multi Account support – you can use the single installation to access gmail and ur google apps for domains email.
  • New Basic Offline feature which lets you read your recent email offline
  • Offline Drafts – Save email as mobile drafts even if you loose connectivity
  • Access contacts with autocomplete
  • Jump to Gmail labels
  • Search email
  • Loads of short cuts
  • View attachments including photos , word and pdf files

Well its one of the applications you MUST have if you are a Gmail user ..

Rita has a video review of the app in action on the Nokia E71

Continue reading “Gmail App on Nokia E71 — Video Review”

iPhone 3.0 OS: New Features

Well over the last few years we have grown to love the IPhone and some people questioned whether Apple could really improve on the previous IPhone OS. Today Apple gave us a peek at the new IPhone OS which is schedule for release in the summer.

Below I have listed a number of the big enhancements to the OS.

  • Search your iPhone
    • So the folks at Apple created an app called “Spotlight”. Spotlight is a new home screen that you do all your searching from. Searching your calendar, email and notes are among the few applications you can search through.
  • Cut, copy, and paste
    • Of all the features that people have long been waiting for Copy and Paste is probably one of the biggest. It’s worth mentioning that you can select multiple pictures, copy them and then paste them into a new message.

      Below is a screen shot illustrating this functionality.

Continue reading “iPhone 3.0 OS: New Features”

Nokia 6210 Navigator and N82 Black High Quality Pics and Comparison

Rita has clicked some great high quality pics of the Nokia 6210 Navigator and Nokia N82 Black

The Nokia Maps functionality and dedicated maps button is unique to the 6210 ..

We got a review unit from WomWorld

Lets jump into a general comparison of the 2 devices

navigator vs the nseries

newer versions have been added to this family at Barcelona .. The 6710 and 6720 are expected to hit the markets soon.. But for now 6210 is one of the most appealing Navigation focused phones .. GPS is not perfect indoors but still works well outdoors Continue reading “Nokia 6210 Navigator and N82 Black High Quality Pics and Comparison”

SugarSync Mobile for BlackBerry Beta Download is out

SugarSync is a cool File Sharing Service which lets you share files across multiple computers and mobile devices .. if you are that kind of person who works on multiple computers / mobile phones and want to access your files on the move then SugarSync is for you .. They have launched the beta download of the Blackberry version .. currently windows mobile phones and iphone have native apps .. others can use the mobile website version of the app.. I have tried the service and its pretty decent !

SugarSync Announcement Follows

We’re excited to announce the beta of the new SugarSync for Blackberry — the ultimate mobile application for people on the go! Using a BlackBerry, you can access and share all of your files and folders when you are away from your computer.
Continue reading “SugarSync Mobile for BlackBerry Beta Download is out”