Nokia To Launch Music Store In India by Year End

Nokia plans to launch its online music store in India by the end of this year. Nokia has already started testing its Music store.

Nokia plans to launch its online music store in India by the end of  this year. Nokia has already started testing its Music store has already gone live


“Right now our own people are testing the site, and we will go live as scheduled in the second half of this year,” a spokeswoman for Nokia. Also, the accessibility to the music store will be available only through vouchers, which will be given to the users when they buy a new handset or any other equipment from Nokia. Continue reading “Nokia To Launch Music Store In India by Year End”

Windows Mobile Marketplace to support WM 6.1, 6.5

We were a bit upset about Windows Mobile Marketplace  ( The App Store for Windows Mobile Phones) not supporting WM 6.1 which is the most popular Windows Mobile OS today, but some good news – Microsoft will  offer support for WM6.1 phones in marketplace towards end of the year. Meanwhile WinMo 6.5 Devices are expected to hit the market in September according to Microsoft which is holding the Worldwide Partner Conference at New Orleans ,USA .

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Windows Mobile Development Team Tweets WM6.5 is done!


Stumbled over a tweet by the Windows Mobile Development Team, mentioning:

For the record, Windows Mobile 6.5 is DONE… complete… looks really good IOHO and every bit functional. ping us if u want to know more.

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Microsoft My Phone Service Now Available to the Public


Remember our recent post about Microsoft My Phone? I personally recorded a video demo to demonstrate the working of Microsoft’s latest data syncing service – Microsoft My Phone.

But at that point of time, My Phone was invite only . But, now Microsoft have made My Phone service available to the general public so that any one without an invite code can use if for free.

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Is the Microsoft Zune Phone Coming this June?


The Web 2.0 has gone almost crazy for the Zune Products and the upcoming Zune Phone is no exception. There were speculations that the Zune phone will be announced by Microsoft this year itself, but the world of Twitter is buzzing with rumors that the Zune phone will be launching this June and the rumor also requests other people to hold their plans to purchase iPhone and other similar products..

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Seamlessly Sync Data in Your Windows Mobile with Microsoft MyPhone

Remember the sync feature recently introduced by Google? If not here it is. Though it had many great features, folks at Microsoft kicked off their own sync feature – Microsoft My Phone. So, if you are a Microsoft loyalist and don’t want to use Google services on your phone, then you can start using this cool service by Microsoft.


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Windows Mobile 6.5 Marketplace Now Open for Submissions

We have been covering about windows mobile and you might know about the upcoming 6.5 version of the OS.  If you are a mobile developer and want to develop applications for the new phones running WinMo 6.5, we just heard from Microsoft that developers can now submit applications to the Marketplace (from May 1st)

Below is a copy information we received about the mobile market from Microsoft Continue reading “Windows Mobile 6.5 Marketplace Now Open for Submissions”

MC55 Enterprise Phone Unveiled by Motorola

Motorola A good news coming in for enterprise phone lovers.. Motorola have unveiled a business phone – Motorola MC55. You can view some snaps and check out a brief specifications of the phone In the following few lines.

Motorola MC55

Brief Specifications:

  • 3.5” 320X240 Touch Screen
  • OS – Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1
  • Querty Keyboard
  • Wireless LAN
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bar-Code Scanner, Etc

The handset will be available in two variants MC5590 and MC5574 that would be priced in between $1695 and $2135.


Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 on the Nokia N82

Rita has manged to hack her phone to run windows 3.1 and 95 on the Nokia N82 ..

See it for yourself in the vid below ..

Till now we thought that Nokia N82 could run only symbian ??  She proved us wrong !

She managed to get her hands on a Symbian port of DosBox which is an x86 Emulator

Well we are not responsible if your phone screen goes kaput after you trying hacking your phone.

Mobility Survey throws up interesting findings about Windows Mobile

Recently, Microsoft commissioned a Mobility Survey in APAC in conjunction with Synovate to gauge people’s perceptions, attitudes about smart phones and how they put their phones to use in their everyday lives.

The survey throws up some fascinating revelations and definitely makes for an interesting read. The How Mobile Are You survey polled nearly 2,500 respondents (513 in India) in five countries across Asia.

· 59% of Indians polled prefer the touch screen phone. The candy-bar phone had the lowest percentage of preference at a mere 8% Continue reading “Mobility Survey throws up interesting findings about Windows Mobile”

Nokia, Why Windows when we Have S60?

Sometime back Microsoft’s marketing director said that though Nokia is kinda of Symbian brand loyal they are in the process of discussion where they are pursuing Nokia to go with Windows mobile. Nokia didn’t react to this news when it was flashed by ITWire, I think now a days Nokia doesn’t react much to what media says about the company, leaking of N96 pics and specs and the German episode are good evidences for that. Continue reading “Nokia, Why Windows when we Have S60?”

Windows Mobile 7 Coming

Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6 is a well accepted and appreciated OS in the Smart phone and PDA segment. The company is facing competition from Blackberry and Apple iPhone especially in the US smart phone market.
Microsoft is now developing Windows Mobile 7.

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Microsoft Bolsters Mobile by entering mobile advertising space

Microsoft is entering the mobile advertising space. The move can be seen as an indication that Mobile is really getting big. Microsoft will now place banner ads on msn portals seen through mobile screens.

As of now Bank of America, Jaguar Cars, and Paramount pictures have been signed on as advertisers.

Since Microsoft launched the MSN Mobile platform in June, it has taken great pains to add content to enhance the browser-based, rich-media experience. Just last week, the company launched an astrology channel and added a spate of new ring tones, wallpapers, games and other content available for download on the portal, which by the way already sports a lot of features anyway!

Broadly, Microsoft’s mobile strategy consists of two parts: developed and developing markets. In areas falling in the first category, such as the United States, Japan and Europe, the software giant is looking to carry into mobile the usage patterns customers have developed for Microsoft products on their PCs. Continue reading “Microsoft Bolsters Mobile by entering mobile advertising space”

iPhone eats up Windows Mobile market share


The Americans went crazy over iPhone, when it was launched. People were sitting outside the retail stores for 2 to 3 days to get their hands on this innovative gadget. iPhone’s popularity has been reflected in the recent Smart phone Market Study done by Canalys, a prominent research firm. Continue reading “iPhone eats up Windows Mobile market share”

Microsoft announces Windows Mobile 6.0

The new version of Windows Mobile – 6.0 is coming and devices using the new operating system are expected to be available in the second quarter of 2007.

Whats in

  • Vista Look
  • Improved Office and Outlook 2007 integration
  • Windows Live platform
  • File Transfer possibility in Live Messenger
  • Improved HTML Email support

The OS  will be unveiled at the 3GSM in Barcelona next week.