Stephen Elop will lead Microsoft’s Expanded Devices team, working on Xbox, Surface and Nokia

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Stephen Elop, the ex-CEO from Nokia, will be heading the expanded devices team at Microsoft, as per reports. Previously rumoured to be in the running for the top job at Microsoft, Stephen Elop now gets to lead the newly formed team, like previously agreed upon. This is pretty obvious now, as Microsoft just announced its newest CEO, Satya Nadella, who takes over the position from Steve Ballmer. Elop stepped down from his role as the CEO of Nokia immediately after the announcement of Nokia-Microsoft acquisition, to avoid a conflict of interests.

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Microsoft agrees deal to buy Nokia Devices and Services Division



Nokia acquisition

In a deal that would surprise noone in it’s happening but everyone in it’s timing, Microsoft will be acquiring Nokia’s Devices and services division in addition to licensing a significant portion of Nokia’s patents in addition to their mapping services. The deal in it’s entirety amounts to 5.4 Billion Euros paid in cash, 3.79 Billion for devices and services 1.65 Billion for the associated patents.

The transaction will see 32,000 Nokia employees transitioned over to Microsoft including 4,700 in Finland and 18,300 employed in manufacturing positions worldwide. In addition, a significant number of senior executives are expected to be transferring to positions within Microsoft, including Stephen Elop, Jo Harlow, Juha Putkiranta, Timo Toikkanen, and Chris Weber.

This is an absolutely monumental transaction and will go a long way towards shaping the smartphone landscape for years to come.  We will keep you updated with any details as we receive them.

Via: Microsoft News Center

Nokia Asha 501 – A discussion with Stephen Elop

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“The N9 is back!” I exclaimed, when Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop asked some of us bloggers what our first thoughts of the Nokia Asha 501 were. “Doesn’t it feel good?” he said, and we all nodded in unison. Five minutes before that moment, it was a private room full of bloggers, eager to ask questions to the Chief of a company that just made the world know its effort to re-invent the affordable smartphone. What follows below is a summary of our discussion with Stephen Elop and what we learned from it.

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Nokia Promises Updates for Symbian till 2016

Nokia’s move of switching over to Windows Phone 7 as it’s main platform caused quite a stir. People began questioning the support for Symbian devices.But there is good news for the users of Symbian devices.

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