Skype iPhone App First ScreenShots

The iPhone App for Skype is official !

We got our hands on the Skype App for the iPhone

Its currently available in the Denmark App store on iTunes..

You can now make calls over Wi-Fi or GPRS all over the world ! for free if its withing skype or using skype credits if u want to call landlines ! This move is a great news of ipod users who would like to use their ipod as a phone .. well with the ability to make calls – you ipod is nearly a phone !

you can update your skype profile and even take a photo and attach it !

Check out the screenshots for more !

The App is a FREE download from the iTunes app store ..

IM or Chats is supported too ..

even call history is present ..

i Love the dialer .. looks better than the native iphone dialer IMO 🙂

thx Vinay for iPhone Screenshots

Author: Varun Krish

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