What does Skype buying Gizmo Project mean for Truphone and the next Billion

Skype/GizmoWhat does it mean if Skype buys Gizmo Project? This is a huge deal for the VOIP industry.  It is a big deal for something that keeps going thorough my mind “The next Billion” (meaning the next billion people to get mobile phones and get on the mobile web).  The first thing that came to mind when I heard about this potential acquisition is interoperability with Truphone.

If Skype buys Gizmo Pr0ject this means they would start using the SIP standard as far as I understand.  Using SIP means that Skype would suddenly be interoperable with services like Google Chat (including video and voice chat), Truphone, and many of the other VOIP services. Continue reading “What does Skype buying Gizmo Project mean for Truphone and the next Billion”

Nokia N900, initial thoughts from CTIA


You can count 24 apps running in the pics if you look closely

I am one lucky guy, I know that, I get to attend the premier events around the world when it comes to mobile technology and I get to play with the latest and greatest devices.  Sometimes devices I’m not at liberty to talk about for months.  So when I was at CTIA last week in San Diego I made sure to take a look at the N900.  My short introduction to it really hooked me.  I’m a big fan of HootSuite, a web based Twitter app and I was happily shocked when Chanse Arrington got it running on his N900 without any hitch or tweaking of settings during the GoMo News Blender.  I mean I was really impressed.  Then the next day Joe Gallo had 24 apps running simultaneously on his N900.  That’s not a typo, he really had 24 going. Continue reading “Nokia N900, initial thoughts from CTIA”