Nimbuzz rolls out caller ID app Holaa for Android

Nimbuzz has launched a new caller identification app Holaa which works similar to TrueCaller allowing users to know who is calling. The app lets users to see details like the caller’s name, photo and location during an incoming call live. It also block spam calls from spammers or other unwanted callers.

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Nimbuzz teams up with LG to pre-install app on devices, offers free ISD calls

Nimbuzz entered into a partnership with LG Mobiles to provide 100 minutes of free international calls to any number in the US. In addition to this, the Nimbuzz app will be pre-installed on LG devices. For starters, the instant messaging cross platform app will be available on L–Series III smartphones, before expanding to other devices.

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Nimbuzz partners with Spectranet to offer International calls starting at 1 paise per second

Nimbuzz and Spectranet low-cost international calling launch

Nimbuzz, popular communication and entertainment platform, has announced that they have partnered with Spectranet hello ip to offer international calling to Nimbuzz users at affordable rates. This would let Nimbuzz users in India make international calls at rates as low as 1 paise per second, which is similar domestic calling rates. This platform hosts the Spectranet hello ip dialer where users can make international calls and also buy calling credit. Continue reading “Nimbuzz partners with Spectranet to offer International calls starting at 1 paise per second”

Nimbuzz introduces enhanced app with lower memory consumption for Blackberry devices


Nimbuzz today introduced a new version for Blackberry devices. The popular multiplatform instant messaging application has worked to drastically reduce the run time memory footprint for low powered Blackberry devices. The updated application is also geared towards better performance on slow data networks keeping in mind the popularity of both the service and Blackberry devices in emerging markets.

Vikas Saxena, Chief Executive Officer, Nimbuzz said, ‘’ Nimbuzz has always believed in delivering a communication platform that understands the evolving needs of its users. With a majority of conversations moving towards apps like Nimbuzz, it is extremely important for us to innovate solutions that enhance the communication lifestyles of our existing and new users. The newNimbuzz for Blackberry is a testament of our commitment to make our app more relevant to our audience.”

Additionally, Nimbuzz has added new features like bubble chat and contact list separation from the chat list making it more convenient for the end users. Nimbuzz plans to add phone number verification in the future to facilitate secure and efficient communication. The application is currently available in 19 languages including English, French and Arabic.

Nimbuzz Instant Messenger now available for Windows Phone

Nimbuzz has finally arrived for Windows Phone devices. This app lets you chat with your friends on several IM accounts such as Nimbuzz, Facebook, GTalk, Yahoo Messenger and MSN/Live Messenger. You can also share images and connect with twitter. Still there is no support for voice call and VOIP. Since this is the first version we can expect these features eventually. Continue reading “Nimbuzz Instant Messenger now available for Windows Phone”

Nimbuzz Ping Officially Launched in India , We Go Hands On !

Over here at FoneArena , we are very appreciative of the work that is being done by Nimbuzz.  An active support team which constantly listens to consumer feedback coupled with constant addition of innovative services has led to their roaring success. The service adds over 100k users everyday and has over 10 million active users from India alone. So when the company launched their Ping service in Indonesia earlier this year as we found out from our interview with Nimbuzz earlier this year, we were genuinely interested. As soon as we got word that the service has been officially launched in India , we just had to give it a spin.

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Nimbuzz reaches 50 million registered users Worldwide

Nimbuzz now has 50 million registered users Worldwide with 28 million users added since July 2010 which is double in less  than a year. It also adds 100,000 users per day. Here are some interesting infographics from Nimbuzz Continue reading “Nimbuzz reaches 50 million registered users Worldwide”

Nimbuzz Releases Premium Version In The Ovi Store

I switch mobile phones quite often and whenever I get a new Symbian phone, I have a specific routine of 30 minutes, including removing the useless stuff away from the Main Menu, changing some settings and installing Whatsapp, Gravity and Nimbuzz. You can be certain that if any of these 3 applications aren’t there, I won’t be using the phone at all.

Nimbuzz has easily become the default Instant Messaging applications for Symbian, thanks to its one-login that imports all IM accounts instead of having to setup each one separately. Lately, it also added compression which made the app snappier for all tasks and decreased its data usage. But for the past few versions, Nimbuzz has been trying to get some revenue out of its free service by displaying ads in its chat window, which are non-intrusive but may annoy some people nonetheless. Enter the premium Ad-Free version of Nimbuzz, now available in the Ovi Store for about 2.29$. This new Ad-Free version of Nimbuzz currently offers 3 advantages over the free version.

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Nimbuzz for iPhone and iPod gets HD voice calls

Nimbuzz today announced new update for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod. This update brings HD voice calls to the iOS devices with new direct connect system. This update comes with more updates which improves the stability of the system.

Changelog of Nimbuzz for iOS devices:

  • HD voice call quality on Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz calls
  • Go Offline
  • New contact list and profile layout
  • Multiple contact sorting options
  • Stability improvements

The new HD voice calls in Nimbuzz is activated by measuring the stability of the connection. You can activate if you need a crystal clear voice calls. The new “Go Offline” mode shows your status as offline other than showing busy or away. The new contact list and profile layout improves usability. And also this update comes with “sort with status” option.

Download the new Nimbuzz via iTunes here

Watch the video promo of the new version below


Nimbuzz Launches v3 For Symbian, Brings Support To Symbian^3

Ever since I got a Nokia N8 unit for trial, I tried installing Nimbuzz on it, and the experience wasn’t quite optimized for the device. I ended up testing a beta version of their v3 which brings full support for Symbian^3 and many other nifty features and improvements. Just today, this new version has been announced and is live on so I can talk to you about it. First of all, these are the new features highlighted by Nimbuzz for their v3 release:

  • Customizable tabs: select which tabs you want to see and in which order.
  • NimbuzzOut call rates are displayed in real time before placing the call.
  • Recent calls tab: see all your received, missed and outgoing calls.
  • 2 new chat styles: with avatars and without.
  • 3 options to view the Contact List.
  • My info tab: gives you quick access to your profile, NimbuzzOut credits, accounts,  suggested friends and friend invites.
  • Facebook Connect: removes the 400 contacts limit and connectivity issues
  • Sort contacts by status.

One of the first improvements you will notice in this new version is that the screen estate is better used in landscape mode and is suited for Symbian^3 devices.

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Nimbuzz removes Skype support

Nimbuzz is a popular IM client for PC and Mobile. Nimbuzz posted in their official blog that they have removed the Skype support. Nimbuzz told that the folks at Skype asked them to remove their service. The same thing happens with Fring also. Skype is now removing its support for third party apps. Nimbuzz said Continue reading “Nimbuzz removes Skype support”

Download Skype for your Nokia Symbian phone now

Nokia and Skype have teamed up to offer Skype to over 200 million Symbian phone users worldwide.  The application works over WiFi and Mobile Networks such – GPRS/EDGE/3G.  Its available for download from the Nokia Ovi Store Continue reading “Download Skype for your Nokia Symbian phone now”

Nimbuzz for Android Gets Updated. Adds Custom Ringtone Feature

One of the most popular IM client on Android platform, Nimbuzz has now been updated with a new version. This new version brings along with it many cool features like Custom Ringtone, Voicemail support etc. Continue reading “Nimbuzz for Android Gets Updated. Adds Custom Ringtone Feature”