Alcatel One Touch Scribe HD Hands On

Alongside the lower end Alcatel One Touch Scribe Easy, the French company also launcher a higher end variant of the phone. Called the Alcatel One Touch Scribe HD the phone has the same form factor but steps up the game in terms of specifications.

The screen has a resolution of 1280 x 720 and is quite vibrant to look at. That said, the display isn’t really what you’d expect on a top end device with the increasing focus towards full HD screens. The IPS panel is 5 inches in size. Continue reading “Alcatel One Touch Scribe HD Hands On”

Micromax A116 Canvas HD hands on

At  a press event in New Delhi, Micromax announced its next flagship device. The popular manufacturer of affordably priced Android smartphones introduced the Canvas HD which brings specs previously seen in high end smartphones at what is positively a ground breaking price point. Continue reading “Micromax A116 Canvas HD hands on”

Spice Stellar Pad Mi-1010 Unboxing

Spice today announced its latest product, the Stellar Pad Mi-1010 tablet. The tablet is equipped with an HD IPS display and is powered by a 1.5Ghz dual core processor. There’s also a quad core GPU on board. The tablet is one of the few models running Jellybean 4.1 in India as of now. The Spice Stellar Mi1010 should have no problem keeping up with your multitasking requirements thanks to the 1GB of RAM included.  Continue reading “Spice Stellar Pad Mi-1010 Unboxing”

Nokia Monster Purity HD Headset Review

Nokia has been making quality headsets for quite a while now and have some great audio products like the BH-905 and the Nokia Essence under their belt. Some time back Nokia decided to partner with Monster to launch a range of headsets matched with the Lumia line of smartphones.

We got the top end over the head styles model in for review and decided to take it for a spin. Read on to find out more about the Nokia Monster Purity HD ! Continue reading “Nokia Monster Purity HD Headset Review”

Amazon Kindle Fire gets a Price Cut , Improved Specs

Amazon has cut the price of the Kindle Fire to $159 from $199. It also comes with upgraded specs including a 1.2 GHz OMAP4430 processor with 40% faster performance, 1GB of RAM and longer battery life of up to 8.5 hours. Other features remain the same as the original Kindle Fire from the previous year including a 7-inch (1024×600 pixels) IPS display, 8 GB of internal memory, USB 2.0, 3.5 mm audio jack and Wi-Fi support. It weighs 400 grams, few grams lesser than the first Kindle Fire. Continue reading “Amazon Kindle Fire gets a Price Cut , Improved Specs”

Motorola DROID Fighter revealed in leaked image

Motorola’s next high end model may have been revealed in a leaked image on Chinese forum PhoneHK. The handset is said to pack in the same battery as the RAZR MAXX with a whopping 3300 mAh. The screen seems to have been upgraded to a 4.6″ 720p panel.

Continue reading “Motorola DROID Fighter revealed in leaked image”

Nvidia Tegra 3 – Golden Arrow Gameplay Video

Here’s a video showing the gaming possibilities of the recently announced nVidia Tegra 3 Processor. The processor comes in phones such as the LG Optimus 4X HD and the ZTE Era.

Continue reading “Nvidia Tegra 3 – Golden Arrow Gameplay Video”

Quick Look : Raystream HD Streaming

Raystream is a company that offers streaming of HD videos at a unique compression rate. We caught up with them at the MobileFocus event held in Barcelona last night.

Continue reading “Quick Look : Raystream HD Streaming”

Plantronics launches Marque M155 and Voyager PRO HD headsets in India

Plantronics , makers of bluetooth headsets , launched two new headsets in India yesterday. The Marque M155 is the smallest offering from the popular manufacturer while the Voyager PRO is its new flagship headset.

Continue reading “Plantronics launches Marque M155 and Voyager PRO HD headsets in India”

Hitachi Unveils Glasses-Free 4.5″ High Definition 3D Display

Hitachi has just announced a 4.5″ 3D display for that is usable without wearing glasses. Apart from that, the display also supports a High Definition resolution of 1280×720 pixels.

Continue reading “Hitachi Unveils Glasses-Free 4.5″ High Definition 3D Display”

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc Leaked

Sony Ericsson have just prematurely announced the XPERIA Arc at CES (Consumer Electronics Show). It is in fact the same model that we previously referred to as the XPERIA X12/Anzu.

Continue reading “Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc Leaked”

Video – Nokia N8 HDMI TV Out

The Nokia N8 features HD video Playback via HDMI which is of superior quality compared to the traditional TV-out cable . We showed you Video playback on the N8 from Singapore and now we show you HD video playback on a TV through HDMI which we recorded at an event in Delhi yesterday ! Continue reading “Video – Nokia N8 HDMI TV Out”