Monster sues Apple’s Beats over stealing headphone technology

Apple’s Beats has been sued by audio-equipment maker Monster over stealing headphone technology. The company says that it had played an important role in design and engineering the popular headphones.

apple beats

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Nokia Monster Purity HD Headset Review

Nokia has been making quality headsets for quite a while now and have some great audio products like the BH-905 and the Nokia Essence under their belt. Some time back Nokia decided to partner with Monster to launch a range of headsets matched with the Lumia line of smartphones.

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HTC Sensation XL hands-on

The HTC Sensation XL isn’t the most exciting smartphones currently on the market.  But it is one of the few devices that comes with a massive 4.7″ display. If you are the type of person who finds the original HTC Sensation small, then this may be the device for you. Continue reading “HTC Sensation XL hands-on”