Nokia E7 Photo Gallery

Hello everyone to another one of my photo galleries! This time i got my hands on Nokia’s successor of the great Communicator series, the Nokia E7! Announced at Nokia World in September 2010, the E7 has gathered a nice following of fans who could not wait to get their hands on one (I’m looking at you, Trentsense :D) Enjoy my pictures of the Nokia E7 in all it’s details!

Nokia E7 in dark grey. More colors to follow! Continue reading “Nokia E7 Photo Gallery”

Tons of pics from the Nokia Meet at WOMWorld / 1000 Heads

Here are tons of the pics from one of biggest Nokia blogger meetups which took place in London at the 1000 Heads / WOMWorld HQ.This meetup took place on the eve of Nokia World 2010 which is expected to start in a few hours from now. Thanks to Michael Hell for this wonderful images !