Nokia E7 Photo Gallery

Hello everyone to another one of my photo galleries! This time i got my hands on Nokia’s successor of the great Communicator series, the Nokia E7! Announced at Nokia World in September 2010, the E7 has gathered a nice following of fans who could not wait to get their hands on one (I’m looking at you, Trentsense :D) Enjoy my pictures of the Nokia E7 in all it’s details!

Nokia E7 in dark grey. More colors to follow!

The Menu Key, now in the middle of the Device.

The screenlock slider

The Nokia E7 sports an 8MP camera with dual LED flash, minus Autofocus. a decision no one really understands and i certainly don’t get it either. spare me the lame excuses Nokia.

3mm headphone jack, On/Off-button, mini-HDMI connector and the micro USB-connector, that turns into a full-blown USB connector, using the USB-on-the-go adapter and function! awesome

the SIM card slow and volume rocker

the dedicated camera button. something we still don’t see on all devices!

The Nokia E7’s main selling point: the full-blown, 4-row QWERTY hardware keyboard that can only be described as the best keyboard ever on a mobile device. spacing, feedback, materials are all absolutely awesome. it doesn’t get much better than this!

The Nokia E7’s slider mechanism. rock-solid, no give at all. Nokia stepped up the game in terms of hardware materials and build quality!

The Nokia E7 and the Nokia N8. Hardware QWERTY and the best camera ever on a mobile phone. perfect device combination?

Nokia E7 and Nokia C6-01. 4″ vs. 3,2″. Biz features or compact?

The Nokia E7, posing next to the ultra-sexy Nokia C7

The Symbian^3 family for the last picture! Which one would YOU choose?

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