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Xiaomi Mi 5 India launch invite

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Samsung Galaxy Note5 Review


Every year at IFA, Samsung unveils one of the most awaited smartphones of the year, the new Note smartphone. The first Galaxy Note smartphone was met with a lot of criticism from many users and bloggers alike for being too big and being too similar to the Galaxy S II in many aspects. Many predicted that the device would fail. Since then, the Note series has come a long way. The Galaxy Note5 is the fifth iteration in the Galaxy lineup of devices. It is probably the best example of the kind of engineering and power packed smartphones that Samsung is able to produce. This year, Samsung announced the Note5 earlier than usual prior to IFA which is its usual stomping ground in an attempt to enter the market prior to the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Alongside it came the Galaxy S6 edge+ which is a larger version of the S6 edge with an extra gig of RAM and a larger battery.

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PlasticLogic debuts flexible AMOLED display

Remember PlasticLogic? The company was all set to debut its QUE proReader back in 2010 with an ultrafast (by e-ink standards) refresh rate and a legitimitely usable touchscreen experience. However the product was canned due to changing market scenarios. The company has since then been working on flexible display technology. At Flextech 2014, it announced its new flexible AMOLED screen technology.


In its first incarnation, the display can show only red colors instead of the complete RGB (Red, Green, Blue) spectrum that is expected for a production display. That said, the screen is a very early prototype and retail products based on it are expected in late 2015. PlasticLogic is working closely with NovaLED which specializes in organic LED related technologies. Continue reading “PlasticLogic debuts flexible AMOLED display”

Samsung working on Odyssey and Marco Windows Phone 8 devices

Samsung just showed a patent filing which reveals that they are working on two Windows Phone 8 devices to launch later this year. The higher end of the two, the Samsung Odyssey seems to be highly inspired by the Galaxy SIII which is Samsung’s flagship Android device.

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Samsung Galaxy S III Photo Gallery

Here is the photo gallery of the Samsung Galaxy S III in the Marble White variant. We hope you have seen the Galaxy S III unboxing. If not you can view it here.

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Huawei Ascend P1s Photo Gallery

Here is the photo gallery for the Huawei Ascend P1s smarthphone. It’s one of the thinnest smartphones in the world at 6.68mm thickness at it’s thinnest point.

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HTC One S specs leaked before MWC 2012

HTC is going to be one of the headliners to showcase their devices at MWC this year, they will be showcasing the HTC One series of mobile phones and maybe a couple tablets too. We already know about the HTC One X which will be the first quadcore phone running on Tegra 3. There was no news about the other two One S and One V but now due to some benchmarking done in Nenamark we have come to know some specs of the One S.

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Apple iPad 3 Might Use Samsung AMOLED Screen

Tim Cook, Apple’s COO and acting CEO had visited South Korea last week and reports state that, he went to discuss the possibility of using Samsung’s AMOLED screens for the upcoming iPad 3.

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Gallery: Frosty Metal Nokia C7 vs Silver Nokia N8

The Nokia N8 and C7 have been available for quite a while in the market, and we’ve already brought you reviews of the N8, many photo galleries of it, and a separate gallery of the Frosty Metal Nokia C7. I happened to have both the silver N8 and the Frosty Metal C7 in my hands at the same time, so I thought I’d share a hardware tour comparison with you, explaining the key design differences between these otherwise slightly similar Symbian^3 devices. Continue reading “Gallery: Frosty Metal Nokia C7 vs Silver Nokia N8”

Samsung Galaxy S2 Has Dual-Core Orion Processor

Well Samsung have given us teasters of their next BIG announcement on February 13th which we know to be the successor of the Galaxy S. Well the news now is that the Samsung Galaxy S2 or whatever it will be called upon launch will be powered by a Dual Core Orion processor.

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Samsung Flexible Mobile AMOLED Display Pics

Samsung unveiled a 4.5-inch WVGA Flexible AMOLED display at CES 2011. The display is about  2mm thick and is flexible. The AMOLED runs at a 800 x 480 resolution (WVGA) and can be rolled down to a one centimeter radius. Sounds pretty awesome right ? Take a look at the pics for the proof.

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Samsung second Gingerbread device leaked, Samsung Galaxy S2?

You may have seen the first shot of the Google Nexus S, which is rumored to be the first device to run Android 2.3 a.k.a Gingerbread, it’s manufactured by Samsung and Engadget posted the shots, and now Engadget is back again with some new screenshots, but this time it’s not the Nexus S. Continue reading “Samsung second Gingerbread device leaked, Samsung Galaxy S2?”

Samsung to Launch Unbreakable AMOLED Screens

Samsung has always been one of the leading display manufacturing companies and more recently they have hit the mobile world by storm with the release of their Super AMOLED screens. They already seem to be focused on their next big innovation.

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Samsung announces Jet2 for India , Price is Rs.19500

Samsung has officially launched the Jet2 for India at a price of Rs.19500 . The Jet2 bears the model number S8003  and can be seen as a replacement for the Samsung Jet S8000 which we have reviewed on FoneArena

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Samsung to unveil mobile phone with Super Touch AMOLED at Mobile World Congress ?

Remember we told you about Samsung’s plans to start Mass Product of Touch Function AMOLED panels ? Now folks from oled-display.net informed us that Samsung might unveil a phone which uses this Super Touch AMOLED display during Mobile World Congress 2010

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