CyanogenMod 10 M2 builds out now

The guys on the CyanogenMod team look to be working hard as they have released the M2 version which is for the second month. CyanogenMod has announced that they will be releasing stable version of CM10 every month. The updates have already started rolling for devices like Galaxy Nexus, galaxy S3 and S2.

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CyanogenMod rolls out M-Series, monthly taste of stable CM for super users

It’s very difficult for less adventurous Android users to get around stable versions of CM from time to time, the adventurous kind are usually happy with the nightlies. So then others have to look out for third party unofficial builds of CyanogenMod ROMs which are unreliable and can give problems. So the awesome guys at CyanogenMod have come out with M-Series, where they release a somewhat stable version of CM  for everyone to use as a daily driver.

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Proporta Impact Protective Crystal case for Samsung Galaxy S2

We at FoneArena like the Samsung Galaxy S2. We think it is a great smartphone, one that deserves the accolades it has been getting. And like all great smartphones, it demands the best protection one can give it.

Proporta has kindly sent me an Impact Protective Crystal hard case to test. The case here is hardly a case. Like Samsung’s official case, Proporta’s offering  is more of a shell, offering very basic protection and little else for people who want to retain as much of the Galaxy S2’s slimness as possible. Continue reading “Proporta Impact Protective Crystal case for Samsung Galaxy S2”

Samsung Galaxy S II 32GB Variant Spotted

So far the Samsung Galaxy S II has been enjoying incredible sales and with the white version coming soon, the numbers are only set to increase. But even the white one is expected to come in 16GB version. The 32GB version that was promised during the announcement is still unavailable.

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Bloomberg: Samsung Smartphone sales may have surpassed Apple and Nokia

Samsung may have surpassed the sales of the Apple and Nokia smartphones in the second quarter of 2011 reports Bloomberg. Samsung is estimated to have sold between 18 million and 21 million smartphones globally in the April-June quarter, while Nokia sold 16.7 million and Apple sold 20.3 million iPhones. Continue reading “Bloomberg: Samsung Smartphone sales may have surpassed Apple and Nokia”

3 million units of Samsung Galaxy S2 sold in 55 days

Looks like Samsung’s latest Android flagship – Galaxy S2 has set new sales records for the company as it has managed to sell  3million units globally in just 55 days. Not a bad number at all ! The company claims one S2 was sold every 1.5 seconds.  Although the S2 has been successful , it has  had it’s own share of problems some users have faced issues with the display and camera. We ourselves spotted a display bug in the S2 . some users also report over-heating. But for the most part , S2 users seem a happy lot. If you are picking up an S2 soon , make sure your unit does not face any issues mentioned above . For S2 owners , its party time ! Also do check out our review of the device. Continue reading “3 million units of Samsung Galaxy S2 sold in 55 days”

Samsung Galaxy S2 Unboxing Pics

Samsung Galaxy SII is the successor of the Galaxy S and the phone sports a huge 4.3 inch Super AMOLED plus display and 1.2 Ghz Dual-core processor. We already have a review of the S2 and since a lot of you asked for pics of the retail box in India , here you go !


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The Samsung Galaxy S2 Review : Awesomeness Inside

The Samsung Galaxy S II – successor of the popular Galaxy S and brand new flagship device from Samsung. Whenever I bought a new device, Samsung has been one of the contenders, but ultimately some things never quite appealed to me, so I ended up either getting HTC or Nokia.

Samsung sure raised some eyebrows when they announced the SGS II, sporting some impressive features like a Dual Core ARMv7 1,2GHz processor, a super AMOLED plus display, Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread and lots and lots more. Yes I was impressed too, and with the HTC Sensation being a good device, but not completely what i wanted, I thought it was time to have a closer look at the Samsung Galaxy S II. There is a lot of demand for trial devices at Vodafone Austria (one could say now it is cause Samsung sent out a ridiculously low amount of devices), so my test period has shortened to just a week, so don’t expect an in-depth review, but rather some day-to-day impressions from the week i have spent with it. Will i miss it? Will I even BUY my first ever Samsung device? Read on..

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Samsung Galaxy S2 Launched in South Korea

Samsung has launched the much awaited Galaxy S2 in it’s home turf South Korea recently and it’s one of the 1st countries in the world to get it as expected . The device is hitting UK next. The Android Gingerbread phone is the successor to the popular Galaxy S which was a big hit for the company last year. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S2 Launched in South Korea”

Samsung Galaxy S2 gets Benchmarked , shows impressive Quadrant score


The Samsung Galaxy S2 has been benchmarked in Russia by Mobile-Reviews’s Eldar and according to a screenshot posted by him the device shows an impressive score of 3053 in the Quadrant test.

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Samsung Galaxy S2 Shows Up For Pre-Order – Costs 549 GBP

We dont know whether the pre-order page was put up accidentally or on purpose. But according to the site, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is available for Pre-Order at a price of 549 GBP (British Pounds)

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Samsung Galaxy S2 Has Dual-Core Orion Processor

Well Samsung have given us teasters of their next BIG announcement on February 13th which we know to be the successor of the Galaxy S. Well the news now is that the Samsung Galaxy S2 or whatever it will be called upon launch will be powered by a Dual Core Orion processor.

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