Review : Buy Bluetooth Wireless Headsets at -The Internet Superstore is one a multi-channel online retailer based out of California, United States. They are into business since 1997. They are now offering  a good variety of Bluetooth Wireless Headsets for sale online.

Bluetooth headsets are a must if you need to talk on the phone without taking it out of your pocket. The prices of these gadgets have also come down considerably over the past few years. Also a large number of devices support Bluetooth these days. If you are wondering what Bluetooth is ?


Its a global standard for a short-range wireless network (Personal Area Network PAN) . Its can be used for information exchange between devices over a short-range radio frequency.Popular versions are 1.1, 2.0 and 2.1 EDR . Today it is possible to listen to stereo Audio using Bluetooth provided the device and Headset support A2DP

Lets take this  Plantronics Voyager 510 Bluetooth Headset with WindSmart for example


According to info on the website its the 11th Top-Selling product . So whats special in it ?


  • Light weight
  • Can switch between 2 devices easily
  • Upto 6 hours of talk time
  • Upto 100 hours of standby time
  • 10m range

You can choose from a lot of Manufacturers –  Plantronics,  Motorola,  Jabra,  Nokia,  Sony Ericsson,  Parrot,  Anycom, &  BlueAnt

The site has cool feature called product zoom using which you can see a enlarged picture of the product and some extra details like Shipping and Stock without having to leave the page.The interface is clean despite a few third-party advertisements

You also get to post/read reviews of all products.

Most of these Bluetooth products might qualify for their free shipping, Please check with their Terms and Conditions before placing the order.

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Nokia opens its design studio in India

Nokia has partnered with Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore, India for the first of its kind design studio in India.Nokia has picked India as a starting point for a series of satellite design studios it plans to establish in design hot spots around the world, signaling the increasing impact the country is having on the development of mobile phones. Established via a two year partnership with the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore, it will give Nokia designers and India’s talented young designers the opportunity to work together on new design ideas for India and the global markets.

Alastair Curtis, Nokia’s Chief Designer and Ms. Geetha Narayanan, Founder & Director, Srishti has issued a joint press release today.

Looks like Nokia wants to do some serious research on designing handsets for the Indian user.

Feel happy the Indian Mobile User is given importance.

Sony Ericsson announces 8 new phones for India

Some great news for Sony Ericsson fans in India. Thanks to a market demands in India – product launch divides between rest of the world and India is getting shorter. Until a year back, new mobile handsets would atleast 2-3 months or even more to surface in India.

Last week Sony Ericsson announced 8 new phones for the Indian market


P1i – the business smartphone

Walkman phones




Cybershot phones



and under the general category

S500i and the T650i

All the phones are expected to be available with all mobile retailers across the country immediately.

Sony Ericsson P1


Sony Ericsson P1 is a revolutionary phone which tries to redefine the definition of a Business Class phone.

The P1 is a notworthy competitor for the Nokia E90 Communicator and Nokia N95 

Also the P1 will replace the P990 in the production line we suspect


  • 25% reduction in size compared to P990i
  • Support for most mobile email protocols
  • 3G, Wi-fi, bluetooth(stereo) ,Infrared
  • 3.2 Megapixel Camera and a additional Video calling Camera
  • Dual function keyboard,Stylus,Touchscreen
  • Rich Media support
  • Memory Stick Micro Expansion upto 4gb with 512 in package

Price and Availability

Expected to be available in Q3 2007 which is the current quarter in selected markets.

The phone might hit Indian market soon.

Get more info about the specifications here Sony Ericsson P1

Samsung G600, 5 Megapixel phone comes to Europe

samsung_g600.jpgSamsung has debuted the G600 a 5 Megapixel , 3G slider phone in Europe

The Samsung G600 is a media centric phone and Slim and Sexy ! is the  name of the game.

Samsung  has stacked a lot of features into 15mm thickness phone. The phone sports a 5 Megapixel Camera , with flash and 5X digital Zoom.

There’s a secondary Video calling camera.

Other features include Bluetooth with A2DP(Stereo) , FM Radio, microSD expansion.

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GPRS Tarrifs may come down, thanks to widespread usage

According to Informa’s World Cellular Data Metrics (WCDM) Global mobile data revenues from services other than SMS exceeded US$10 billion in 1Q07. Data Services are gaining acceptance.

Is SMS Dead 

Nope. SMS is still alive and clicking and  orldwide SMS traffic was up year-on-year by around 50% to more than 620 billion messages in 1Q07

SMS revenues were up nearly 25 % and total data revenues almost touched  US$34.3 billion.

Data Services are still not as popular as SMS

This is proven from the fact that in Egypt only 1% of revenue came from non-sms data services whereas in Korea it was 70%


Hutch logo will be replaced by Vodafone soon

We had hinted earlier the Hutch might change colors again in What will Vodafone do with Hutch

Looks like Vodafone wants to spread its brand image in India soon. So its going to be the the Battle of the Reds (Vodafone vs Airtel) as Hutch and Airtel are the largest mobile operators in India. Hutch has always been seen as an elite brand in the country as it is present only in a few circles.  Vodafone is known for its Premium services around the world. Vodafone cannot use the same global pricing strategy in India for sure due to the nature of the market here. Lets wait and watch Till then it may may bid good bye to the Hutch Pug

Paypal brings Mobile Checkout

Can’t login to Paypal on your mobile ? Worrying about the loads of time their homepage takes to load on your mobile . There’s some relief.

Paypal has launched a new mobile checkout service that enables users to pay for services over paypal using a website interface tailor made for small screens. There’s verification by means of a Mobile PIN.



Nice to see some activity on the mobile web arena.


Hello Moto becomes Hello Samsung as Motorola looses global market share

Samsung has raced past Motorola for the the 2nd spot in the global market share for mobile phones by shipping about  37 Million mobile phones this quarter.The growing list of handsets the Korean company has in its offering might be the reason.

Things are not so good for Motorola and have not managed something as spectacular since the RAZR about a couple of years back. Motorola’s top management might under go a change .It managed only about 35 Million shipments in the quarter  and is seeing huge losses.

Sony Ericsson is till behind with about 25 million shipments.

Samsung’s success can been attributed  to hits Ultra Line of handsets and also a lot of Entry level handsets for the emerging markets.(Both Moto and SE are trying to find an answer for this one )

Nokia is the market leader and is expected to announce its results for the quarter in a months time.

Nokia’s new N-gage gaming platform


You might have seen the Nokia N-gage and the Ngage-QD . It was not a big hit but it defintely made the mobile gaming experience a enjoyable one.Nokia is currently working on a new N-Gage gaming platform. Details are expected to be announced any time. Unlike the previous version the new n-gage is expected to be compatible with at least all N-Series phones.

The Graphics looks really good.Will the 3D accelerator in the N95 be powerful enough for 3D Gaming ?

Lets wait and watch, for now enjoy the video.

check the video for a preview of what’s in store