Unknown HTC/Verizon world phone leaked, first LTE device?

Recently we saw the first screenshot of the Verizon 4G LTE sim card, and when we say it, we start thinking that a new Verizon branded device is in progress, and I think Verizon has chosen HTC for it. Continue reading “Unknown HTC/Verizon world phone leaked, first LTE device?”

Sprint considering on LTE and T-Mobile merger

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse was talking to the Financial Times, while giving the interview, Dan Hesse said that “We have the spectrum resources where we could add LTE if we choose to do that, on top of the WiMAX network. The beauty of having a lot of spectrum is we have a lot of flexibility.” That means that Sprint is also considering on LTE, not only on 4G (WiMax). There is no doubt in it that LTE is more faster than WiMax. Sprint WiMax partner, Clearwire also said that LTE is a possibility in the future. Continue reading “Sprint considering on LTE and T-Mobile merger”

Nokia announces 3 new CDMA handsets – 6316s, 3806, 1506

Nokia has announced the release of three new CDMA mobile phones, Nokia 6316s, Nokia 3806 and Nokia 1506.  With this launch, Nokia sets to expand its CDMA range of handset in China and the Far East.

nokia-1506-3806-6316s Continue reading “Nokia announces 3 new CDMA handsets — 6316s, 3806, 1506”

New Nokia Swivel Handset Leaked!

FCC has recently passed a new Nokia phone (RM-526). The phones picture/sketch got leaked and a friend of mine has made a picture in which he took the leaked picture and created a sketch to show us what the phone looks like. The phone is rumoured to be a CDMA phone for Verizion in America. Continue reading “New Nokia Swivel Handset Leaked!”

Motorola ZN4 Official

The Verizon-exclusive Motorola ZN4 that was leaked a few days ago has just been made official. It’s a CDMA handset (ie no SIM card) and features the full touchscreen glass-flip design we told you about earlier. It’ll retail around the 150$. Even though this handset won’t make it outside of Verizon, it’s a sign that Motorola are working on touchscreen handsets, and the ZN4 might be the first result of these efforts. We’ll keep an eye on the ZN4 to see how the OS actually performs, in order to predict whether their following touchscreen handsets will be worthwhile or not.

Specifications after the break:

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MING handsets – the A1600 and A1800 from Motorola

Motorola unveiled two handsets that are categorized as business class devices that run on the same Linux OS, i.e. MING handsets – the A1600 and A1800.

Motorola MING A1600

A typical business phone as the Specs & Features will prove, but this is also a handset that tourists will love because the handset will feature the option of taking pictures of signboards and having them translated with the help of an on board dictionary.

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HTC handsets with CDMA technology via Reliance

Finally! Reliance has added two high end handsets to its repertoire making their line-up of handsets a little attractive for high end buyers.

HTC and Reliance Communications (RCom) together announced the launch of two new smart devices, the HTC P3000 and the HTC S720 through Reliance Communications network.


Peter Chou, chief executive officer and president of HTC, said, “The partnership with RCom further strengthens HTC’s commitment to serve the growing demands of Indian consumers. With the introduction of the HTC P3000 and HTC S720, customers will soon have access to these innovative CMDA devices.” Continue reading “HTC handsets with CDMA technology via Reliance”

Reliance all set to enter GSM business after CDMA

We had covered long back in June 2006 about possibility of Reliance entering GSM business in India

Now Forbes is telling us that Huawei Technologies of China has won a 500 million USD contract from Reliance India for GSM Network hardware and installation and the contract spans 3 years. Airtel and Vodafone are battling it out already in the GSM space and State owned operators are facing losses. Will entry of Reliance make things worse for them ?

Regarding the CDMA scene in India , Reliance and Tata Indicom are the sole players and its a different ball game altogether.
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The LG KW838 Chocolate

I am a Reliance user and have been meaning to upgrade my handset for a very long time. I have a Nokia 6325 which is a neat handset, but lets face it, in the world of 3-5 megapixel cameras, MicroSD memory card options, Bluetooth, GPRS, GSM etc, this handset is antiquated.

But Reliance has few upgrade options that along with features, look super chic too. I don’t want a Black Berry, LG Chocolate hasn’t enough features, and the Nokia handsets by Reliance are just not good looking enough.

And then I come across this news item:

The latest LG Chocolate Phone KW838 can handle both CDMA and GSM cell phone signals. Continue reading “The LG KW838 Chocolate”

Reliance Mobile Blog

Reliance seems to be singing the Blogging song with their latest Reliance Mobile Blog Ad on TV screens across India.

Reliance Mobile Blog is the latest addition to the features of their mobile offerings. The classical song which plays is ” You got the whole world in your hands “. With mobile penetration sky rocketing in India this new feature seems to be mainly targetted at Youth.The AD shows a pretty young girl who encourages users to share your dairy on reliance mobile world. The advert seems impressive and well taken. It seems like the AD is taken in Singapore. I checked out the Official Site  and found that users are uploading mainly images and videos. So this might well be termed as Multimedia Mobile Blogging . But my worry is that since such a service is data intensive, how much time will it take for me to upload an image/video etc. I badly want to get my hands on a reliance phone and try out this service.


Hyderabad based IMImobile seems to be the powering this service for largest CDMA operator in the country.

FoneArena and blogging have some good connection . We got covered by NDTV for mobile blogging 

Check out our mobile blogging guide 

BSNL to launch CDMA services

By mid-2008, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, BSNL, will offer CDMA services to mobile users across the country.

The application rendered by BSNL for a full-fledged CDMA mobility license has been approved. Since BSNL is State-owned, it was exempted from shelling out Rs 1,651-crores entry fee, performance bank guarantee fee etc for the CDMA license.


“The initial investment for this project will be approximately $500 million,” said BSNL CMD, Kuldeep Goyal.

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Samsung Max to CDMA rescue

Choosing a CDMA operator for low call costs is fine. But if you are seriously unhappy about the handsets you are restricted to choose from, Samsung launched Samsung Max, the first open market CDMA handset in India.

“The availability of CDMA phones in the open market will provide Indian consumers freedom to choose network operator’s of their choice,” said Hyundai Kim, Vice President and Head – CDMA Division, Samsung Telecommunications India.

So you can not only choose to upgrade to the Samsung Max, availability of the handset in the open market will empower you to choose the operator too!

The Max is a slider multimedia phone that includes customised “Indian” features such as an Indian Calendar, a ‘panchang’, mobile prayer, a Cricket scorer and Hinglish SMS.

samsung_max_cdma_phone.jpg Continue reading “Samsung Max to CDMA rescue”