OtterBox Protective Cases for LG enV and Nokia N900

Otterbox has launched new cases for the LG enV Touch, enV3,Chocolate Touch and the Nokia N900. These protective cases are built to save your phones from bumps, scratches and shocks .  The entire phone is covered including ports and earphone socket. You also get a protective film for the screen and keypad. They are not waterproof but they have separate line of products for that

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LG BL40 Review Part-1: Design

Now we’ve had the LG BL40 for quite some time and we’ve used it quite a bit here and there. So much so that it’s apt to talk about the design of this phone.

Now the LG BL40 is a long device! at 128mm it’s easily long, it’s thin – 10.9mmm and at 51mm it’s not very broad too. It’s easily a super model in in the world of mobile phones.

The phone is easily the most unique in terms of it’s design and also the screen size. At 345 x 800 pixels and 4.01 inches, this thing sure has the widest screen in the business.

You must be wondering why am I talking of these things and not the design of the phone. Well that is because these dimensions are important to understand how the phone is when it comes to the looks and design.

the BL 40

As you can see the Bl40 does not have any buttons on the front fascia at all, everything is on the capacitive screen. The sides of the BL40 house buttons for the Camera, MP3 player and the volume. The MP3 player is on the left side while the remaining are on the right. These buttons are chrome plated and run along the entire left and right side of the phone.

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Unwrapping the LG BL40

I’m sure you must have noticed the new look of our website, with the LG banners. We thought it’s best not to end it at just that and so we have the LG BL40 (Chocolate) for review in our office.

We will be putting this ultra wide-screen fashionable phone to the test and see if it is as good as the name!

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The LG KW838 Chocolate

I am a Reliance user and have been meaning to upgrade my handset for a very long time. I have a Nokia 6325 which is a neat handset, but lets face it, in the world of 3-5 megapixel cameras, MicroSD memory card options, Bluetooth, GPRS, GSM etc, this handset is antiquated.

But Reliance has few upgrade options that along with features, look super chic too. I don’t want a Black Berry, LG Chocolate hasn’t enough features, and the Nokia handsets by Reliance are just not good looking enough.

And then I come across this news item:

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Motorola , LG and now its Nokia’s turn to name their phones

Nokia is joining the bandwagon – naming the phones instead of giving them numbers.
Motorola’s RAZR SLVR and PEBL might have enjoyed great sales just because of their

attractive names. LG’s Chocolate also is a hit.

Nokia’s is known not to concentrate on thin phones like Motorola or Samsung do.

Naming of phones is the consumer interest. Most people hate referring to numbers when it

comes to electronic gadgets . They prefer names . So Nokia’s initiative to name its future

Mobile models might be a late but great move .

via [reuters]