Jolla Sailfish OS Hands-On


At MWC 2013 , we were lucky to sit down with Marc Dillon, CEO of Jolla which is a mobile start-up based  in Finland. While Jolla might be new to mobile scene, most of the team previously worked with Nokia for several years before stepping out to start Jolla.If you were a fan of the Nokia N9 or any of the  Maemo or MeeGo devices , you will surely appreciate the approach Jolla’s Sailfish OS brings to the mobile arena.

Watch a nice 6 minute overview of the Sailfish OS presented by none other than the CEO Marc himself on a Nokia N950 developer device.


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ZTE and Mozilla partner up, plan on selling a Firefox phone in Q1 2013

Mozilla, makers of the once loved Firefox web browser, are trying to become relevant again. Their strategy is to create a mobile operating system that leverages their HTML rendering engine so that developers can write their applications using the same languages they’re used to using when creating websites. In other words, they want “web apps” to get the same sort of respect that “native apps” get. Today ZTE is announcing that they’re going to unveil a phone either by the end of this year or early next year running Mozilla’s OS. David Dai Shu, ZTE’s spokesperson, told Retuers that: “We are trying to increase our efforts in coming up with our own operating system, while introducing products based on Android.” Continue reading “ZTE and Mozilla partner up, plan on selling a Firefox phone in Q1 2013”

Nokia N900 Review

The FoneArena Nokia N900 Review

The N900 is the first phone from Nokia based on the Maemo Platform.  Nokia has expressed their intentions to use Maemo in high-end phones.  The Nokia N900 is a Touchscreen, full  QWERTY slider phone and one of most talked about members of the N-Series recently.
nokia n900 review

Does the first phone built on the top of this relatively new phone platform live up to it’s expectations ? Find out in our N900 review.

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ELSE Mobile – Something totally different from the crowd

While we are wrapping up MWC 2010 coverage on FoneArena, we definitely didn’t want you to miss out on the First ELSE phone which is based on the ACCESS Linux platform. The Else Intuition User Interface on this phone is something totally different. It’s definitely something ELSE !  FoneArena’s Aanjhan & Varun got a chance to speak to Eldad Eilam , CTO of Else Mobile based who are based in Israel.

He highlighted the fact that this phone is optimized for one-handed use

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Video : Qt demo on Maemo , Symbian and Windows Mobile

If you are a mobile developer and want to get your app onto multiple platforms then Qt is the way to go. Qt is truly cross platform as you can see in the video below that the UI is almost the same on a Nokia N900 (Maemo) , Nokia 5800 (Symbian) and a Windows mobile phone.


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Are new operating systems in the smart phone field hurting Nokia?

My friend, Ranesh Kumar considered picking up a new Nokia handset before he heard about the new Motorola Droid. Just last week, he bought two Motorola Droids from Verizon, one for himself and one for his fiancée.

Nokia_e70Ranesh was a Nokia fan for a long time and had owned few Nokia’s including an E70. But he made the transition to Verizon for a decent deal on a Voyager two years ago (because he likes qwerty keyboards and that was the only one he liked at the time). Ranesh couldn’t wait for a decent Nokia device to hit the market he liked, so he took the plunge. When he tested out the N97, he was terribly disappointed with the overall OS and decided to hold out for the Christmas season of this year to see what was around the corner and settled on the Motorola Droid running the Android 2.0 OS. Continue reading “Are new operating systems in the smart phone field hurting Nokia?”

Nokia brings Qt port to Maemo5 , shows it off on N900 on Video

Nokia has officially announced the Qt port to Maemo5 Linux and shows it off on Video using the eagerly awaited Nokia N900 .Qt comes to Nokia from the  acquisition of Norwegian company Trolltech back in 2008 and it was formerly referred to as Qtopia.Enjoy the video after the jump.


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Samsung LIMO Vodafone Handset Leaked


These are the pictures of a LIMO powered Samsung phone under the Vodafone network. This phone has been leaked ahead of the Vodafone release schedule. Rumours say that this might be the Samsung Riedel i8305. Continue reading “Samsung LIMO Vodafone Handset Leaked”

Samsung Blogger Meet @ TGIF, Delhi

This past Saturday, saw Samsung did something which it does not do. Till now, Nokia was the only active company which ‘cultivates’ a league of bloggers, but it is not so. Samsung seems to have clearly declared ‘war’ on all fronts. Fonearena was also invited to the event at T.G.I.F, Vasant Kunj in Delhi. Since it was the first that Samsung was doing, we just had to go.

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Nokia N900 already up for preorder in USA for $649

In less than 48 hours of completion of Nokia World, The Nokia N900 is already up for sale in USA and is now available for preorder directly from the Nokia USA Online store.

As discussed in our Nokia World coverage, Nokia N900 is going to be the first Nokia mobile phone to run the Linux derived OS, Maemo.

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Nokia N900 Rover Official Press Pic Leaked

The N900 codenamed Rover aka RX-51 seems to be getting a lot of attention due to the platform on which the phone is built – Maemo Linux. We have seen tons of pics of the N900 and package. Now a site named BeGeek has got it hands on the first official press pic of the phone which is most likely to be announced at Nokia World 2009


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Samsung i8320 Leaked!

Well here is something good for you Linux fans out there. Nokia recently leaked their Nokia N900/RX-51 Rover which runs on the Maemo (Linux) Platform.

It now seems that Samsung are also wanting to try out Linux on their phones and here’s the end result. The Samsung i8320 is a Linux Based smart-phone which is in the final stages of production. The phone supports touch pad. Continue reading “Samsung i8320 Leaked!”

Nokia Rover (RX-51)/N900 Pictures and Specifications!

Earlier we brought to you some information and lots of pictures of the Nokia Rover (RX-51) Internet Tablet.

This time we bring you lots of pictures again but with lot more of information. Eldar Murtazin and his team over at Mobile Review have managed to get their hands on the Nokia Rover (RX-51) which will be commonly known as the Nokia N900. Its is the direct successor to the N810 and successor to the N800 and 770 Internet Tablets.

Here are some of the features of the Nokia N900 confirmed by Eldar:

  • ARM Cortex-A8 CPU
  • 5 Megapixel Camera with Autofocs, Dual LED flash and lens cover
  • Maemo Linux OS
  • 32GB Internal Memory, Hot Swap micro-SD Card Slot upto 32GB
  • 1320maH BL-5J Battery
  • micro-USB port, 3.5mm Jack
  • TV-Out, Kickstand


This is just a preview of what Nokia is going to announce at Nokia World on September 2-3. Another important thing is that there are rumors that Nokia has decided to change it’s platform from Symbian S60 to Maemo (Linux Based). But Nokia has confirmed its love story with Symbian will continue. Maemo is just being offered as another offering .