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Reliance seems to be singing the Blogging song with their latest Reliance Mobile Blog Ad on TV screens across India.

Reliance Mobile Blog is the latest addition to the features of their mobile offerings. The classical song which plays is ” You got the whole world in your hands “. With mobile penetration sky rocketing in India this new feature seems to be mainly targetted at Youth.The AD shows a pretty young girl who encourages users to share your dairy on reliance mobile world. The advert seems impressive and well taken. It seems like the AD is taken in Singapore. I checked out the Official Site  and found that users are uploading mainly images and videos. So this might well be termed as Multimedia Mobile Blogging . But my worry is that since such a service is data intensive, how much time will it take for me to upload an image/video etc. I badly want to get my hands on a reliance phone and try out this service.


Hyderabad based IMImobile seems to be the powering this service for largest CDMA operator in the country.

FoneArena and blogging have some good connection . We got covered by NDTV for mobile blogging 

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Author: Varun Krish

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