NFC goes mainstream at the GSMA MWC 2013, Barcelona

Get ready Android and Windows Phone 8 users/attendees, the GSM association has sought to bring NFC into the mainstream at the Mobile World Congress 2013, Barcelona. And yes, Apple iPhone users will be left out of this huge initiative. There will be NFC posters, booths, experience centers and even NFC based registration at the Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest mobile convention that is slated to happen between February 25 – 28 2013 this year.

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Apple iPad Mini Event Live Chat and Meta-Live Blog

Apple is holding an event in USA at 10:30 pm IST where the company is expected to announce the smaller iPad dubbed iPad mini and also a 13 inch retina macbook pro. It is also expected to refresh it’s Mac mini and iMac line up. Apple is going to be live streaming the event too . Join us for a interesting live chat about the event and the products which are going to be announced. We are also going to be blogging about the announcements as they are out so stay tuned to this page for all the updates.

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Download WordPress App for BlackBerry PlayBook from AppWorld now !

Looks like its a good day for PlayBook owners today. First RIM started rolling out the much awaited OS 2.0 update for the QNX Tablet. Now bloggers can rejoice as the official WordPress App for Playbook is available for download on BlackBerry AppWorld starting today. Continue reading “Download WordPress App for BlackBerry PlayBook from AppWorld now !”

Download ShoZu for Nokia 5800

ShoZu has released its mobile application for the Nokia touchscreen phones, Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97. For those who are still wondering what Shozu is, its an application that lets you share your photos or videos on mobile to most of the online networking sites, photo galleries, blogs, email, etc. with a simple mobile interface.

ShoZu supports more than sites, including the likes of Facebook, Flickr, twitter, YouTube, etc. It also has support for Ovi, so you do not need multiple clients for your Nokia phone. Continue reading “Download ShoZu for Nokia 5800”

Out Now! New and Improved – Nokia Software Update Site

Hi all. Say hello to a new and pleasing Nokia update website. Yes, nokia has thrown out a new and revamped update website. The new site has several features and they have been crafted with a niche for even the minute details. Unlike previously when we were put through a rigorous and confusing options of having to update the phone for its latest software the new site offers just that in nothing but few clicks and there you are updating the device and its a breeze.

Upon visiting the site you are welcomes by this : its so elegant and neat. Do have to appreciate the designers for their efforts. It has never been so simple.

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Unboxing the Navigator Package from WOMWorld

I was really surprised when a huge package from WOM World UK arrived today

It was huge boxfrom DHL shipped from UK .. I was surprised by the size but when I lifted , it was kind of light..

world map box

There was a relatively smaller nokia box inside and on the outside was a globe map running through the top and bottom

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Position Art with Nokia N82 GPS by Stavros in Rome

Seems like Nokia is pushing the N82 a lot these days . The latest event for the same is called The World Is My Canvas


Can you spot the famous logo in the drawing above ?

At least the men might be knowing .. The event is about a crazy guy named Stavros who is performing Position Art in the

streets of Rome using his cool Nokia N82

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Reliance Mobile Blog

Reliance seems to be singing the Blogging song with their latest Reliance Mobile Blog Ad on TV screens across India.

Reliance Mobile Blog is the latest addition to the features of their mobile offerings. The classical song which plays is ” You got the whole world in your hands “. With mobile penetration sky rocketing in India this new feature seems to be mainly targetted at Youth.The AD shows a pretty young girl who encourages users to share your dairy on reliance mobile world. The advert seems impressive and well taken. It seems like the AD is taken in Singapore. I checked out the Official Site  and found that users are uploading mainly images and videos. So this might well be termed as Multimedia Mobile Blogging . But my worry is that since such a service is data intensive, how much time will it take for me to upload an image/video etc. I badly want to get my hands on a reliance phone and try out this service.


Hyderabad based IMImobile seems to be the powering this service for largest CDMA operator in the country.

FoneArena and blogging have some good connection . We got covered by NDTV for mobile blogging 

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