How to book a Indian Railways train ticket from your mobile phone with just two SMSes

IRCTC copy

Indian Railways ticketing has always been cumbersome. While the online booking system indeed solved some of the issues, the IRCTC website always makes us nostalgic of the long waiting queues at stations and be the pinnacle of utter disappointment at times. While the website offers infinite control over your ticket booking, there are a lot of times when you just want it done, with minimal effort. Till now, it hasn’t been possible but worry not, a new and easy way of booking train tickets for Indian Railways is here, and it takes just two steps to book a ticket for upto six passengers! Read on to find out how.

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Teenage Girl Falls into Open Manhole While Messaging

According to CBS 2 News a Teenage Girl met with a rather weird accident . She fell into a Open Manhole when she was messaging while walking on the road.  There were no warning signs on the road according to the victim Alexa Longueira from New York City , USA. If its the state of affairs in USA , thinking about India. This incident comes as a wake-up call to Teenagers in India and SMS Addicts !

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Teens Embrace SMS, Ignorant of Consequences


SMS – basically it was being evolved to convey short messages and over passage of time, its been used as a means of passing time, in fact teens are now seen texting every where and every time, doesn’t matter whether they are in school, sleeping, eating, playing or even studying.

Students, specially teens are seen glued with their mobile phone with a good ‘Unlimited’ sms plan on their mobile phone. That’s it. These unlimited SMS plans are adding fuel to the fire.

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STD calls @ 50p and National SMS @ 30p

Yes, that’s right, Airtel to Airtel STD calls under the H-17 CUG Plan will now cost you 50 paisa per minute and National SMS 30 paisa at a monthly rental of Rs. 199 only. Airtel has some really good CUG plans for customers who live outside their home town or have special ones in another state(s). Continue reading “STD calls @ 50p and National SMS @ 30p”

Ever Wondered What are the 2 Digit Codes In SMS you Receive?

Its more than a month that I was receiving promotional SMSs on my GMS number from various service providers and various utility services like Bill payments services, ICICI bank, SBI, Honda Motors but one thing I was noticing since last few days was, along with the company’s name in the sender field, I used to get a 2 digit Alpha code prefixed like AK-SBI, BM-ICICI. Have you ever wondered what are they? Recently I came across a release wherein I got to know that these 2 digit prefix are actually codes using which you can locate where the SMSs are originated from. The first alphabet reveals the operator name and the second alphabet on the code reveals area from where the message has been originated.

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5 Free Group Messaging Services in India

Ever wanted to send free SMS to a group of friends inviting them for a party or a function? You keep sending such group invitation using your mobile and shelling a large amount of talk time? Just try out any of the below mentioned free group SMS solutions in India and save a large amount of talk time.


Mytoday is among one of the first services started by Netcore solutions which provided one of its kind services and followed it are many other services like Tagg, SMSGupshup, Vakow, GoogleSMSChannels, etc.


SMSGupshup – This is the service, that brought change to the Indian group messaging solution. Though, Netcore’s Mytoday was launched much prior to SMSGupShup but Gupshup was hit just because of its huge investment in advertising and marketing its product.

tagg is another entrant in free group messaging solution in India followed by Rajesh Jain’s Mytoday and webaroo’s SMSGupShup. was initiated by another commerce graduate – Ashish Deora who was the founder of AOL broadband in India. Though also tried hard to market its product, it remained far behind Mytoday and SMSGupshup because of the downtime their service faced many times in the past.


Vakow is a service that you MUST have come across for sure, if you are a twitter fan. Apart from free group messaging solution, another advantage Vakow has over all other free group messaging services is that it used to update your twitter account using the SMS that you send to their 10 digit mobile number. But it seems even this service (sending tweets via SMS) has also now went down as I am unable to use it since last couple of months.

google sms channels

GoogleSMSChannels – A service that does not needs a description. This free group messaging solution is in testing phase of Google and as such tagged as ‘Labs’. Though Google was late to come out with such a service, but its definitely worth using once. The biggest advantage with Google SMS Channels is, unlike any other free group messaging solutions, it delivers the SMSs at a very fast rate and that is not all.. Its the only free group messaging services in India supporting SMS publishing of full 160 characters without any ads in the footer.

Group messaging lovers out there, now its your work to use the above mentioned services and rate them on the comments section below. 🙂

SMSFame: Send Unlimited Free SMS in India Without Ads


In the past, we have come across many free SMS messaging solutions, using which you can send free SMS to any number in India without incurring any charges and sometimes, you even have the ability to send SMS without even disclosing your name or identity. (It is useful while advertising a product or so) but the only disadvantage among such free messaging solutions is the receiver of the SMS will get the desired message along with an Ad that the free SMS providers add to make good the loss they incur for giving away free SMSing solution. Continue reading “SMSFame: Send Unlimited Free SMS in India Without Ads”

Now Easily Get your Exam Results Via SMS

Getting exams results only with a few steps is now made possible with the collaboration of IMImobile and National Network Education (NNE).This move has been initiated by National Network Education that has several online portals, providing results of several, central and regional, exams under a single place i.e. its web portal.

NNE have now went one step ahead by collaborating with a 2 way SMS service provider – IMImobile using which any student can request their marks by just sending an SMS – ‘RESULT’ to 56263. Continue reading “Now Easily Get your Exam Results Via SMS”

Beware of hoax SMS says Airtel

Bharti Airtel posted an advisory on their website, advising subscribers to beware of certain ‘Unsolicited fraudulent SMS’s’ circulating on the network. According to the Airtel disclaimer, the recent chain of messages informs recipients that they have ‘won a prize and need to call to collect their prize’. On calling the number in the text message, subscribers are billed a high amount (up to Rs. 500/min). Airtel said they noticed these SMSs in one of their circles and are advising subscribers to ignore them. Airtel also warned that replying to such SMSs could result in viruses being downloaded on the subscriber’s phone.

After spam and phishing mails, spam SMSs are making their presence felt. Such SMS hoaxes are not a new phenomenon in India and cash in on the recipient’s incredulity by making use of ‘get rich quick’ themes and ‘free gifts’ to allure mobile phone users. Continue reading “Beware of hoax SMS says Airtel”

India the Preferred Mobile Destination

Be it tourism, finance, economy, or newest technology, India is now the most preferred destination for all activities. India is now abuzz with activity and yes the world has finally understood its true potential. Well this is certainly why nokia has launched the Nokia E71 and the Nokia 6220 classic here, first amongst several markets. Nokia said India is an emerging market has the largest base for its handset markets. Moreover it’s a strategic move to take on a nearly close yet far rival Samsung.

Nokia E71 retails for 19500 INR and Nokia 6220 Classic retails for 17500 INR.

more info on E71 and 6220 classic follows

MING handsets – the A1600 and A1800 from Motorola

Motorola unveiled two handsets that are categorized as business class devices that run on the same Linux OS, i.e. MING handsets – the A1600 and A1800.

Motorola MING A1600

A typical business phone as the Specs & Features will prove, but this is also a handset that tourists will love because the handset will feature the option of taking pictures of signboards and having them translated with the help of an on board dictionary.

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MOTOZINE ZN5 unveiled

Finally…an innovation from Motorola!

The first mobile phone to combine Motorola’s ModeShift Technology and Kodak Imaging Technology was unveiled in Beijing, China. With Kodak Easyshare Software and easy access to Kodak Gallery or other web sharing sites, pictures are easily moved off the device, allowing consumers to print, share and enjoy their favourite photos whenever they want.

Camera features:

• 5 megapixel auto-focus camera
• Xenon flash
• Settings for low-light environments
• Multiple capture modes
• Multi-shot and
• Panorama – which automatically stitches together continuous shots taken on the horizon line into a single, extended image
• Gallery Link – to upload images in one click

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Samsung iKiller – i900 Omnia

Samsung launched the i-Killer, the i900 recently. Certainly has killer looks…

Specs & features:

  • Windows Mobile handset (6.1 Professional)
  • 3.2-inch QVGA display
  • 240 x 400 pixel resolution
  • Optical mouse
  • 12.5mm thick
  • 5-megapixel auto-focus camera
  • Geotagging
  • Inbuilt GPS

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Sony Ericsson launches C702 and C902 Cyber-shot

While Sony Ericsson recently appointed Maria Sharapova as its global brand ambassador, it got tennis sensations Anastasia Rodionova (4th seed), Yaroslava Shevdova and Patty Schnyder to launch the Sony Ericsson C702 and C902 at the Sony Ericsson sponsored WTA Tour at Bangalore.


Sudhin Mathur, General Manager, Sony Ericsson India said, “This is our third consecutive year of participation in the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour event in Bangalore, and we are excited to have Anastasia Rodionova, Yaroslava Shevdova and Patty Schnyder with us to unveil these new Cyber-shot phones here in India today. The C702 and C902 both place ease-of-use and best-in-class picture quality at the heart of their design. Yet both appeal to different audiences. One is engineered to let you take more pictures in more places and the other is designed to look as stunning as the pictures it takes.”

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Come rain or snow storm, get the latest update on your mobile in J&K

The winter this year has frozen the boots off North India. It is February mid and yet the snow just ceases to stop dropping out of the sky, much to the discomfort of those living in these regions.


Not only is normal life thrown out of gear, those who have to travel on business or work often get stuck in tedious traffic jams on the Jammu-Srinagar national highway – the major road link between the Kashmir valley and the rest of India. Continue reading “Come rain or snow storm, get the latest update on your mobile in J&K”