Android 2.3 hits Sprint HTC EVO Shift 4G

Android OS powered phones are available in wide range of variety, like you can get a high-end Android phone as well as a mid-range powered phone too, all depends on your budget. High-end comes with everything latest and they are always running on the latest OS version, and mid-range devices are sometimes missing it. Continue reading “Android 2.3 hits Sprint HTC EVO Shift 4G”

HTC Inspire 4G for AT&T leaks in Ad

Last year, Sprint launched 4G in USA, and they also launched America’s first 4G phone which is known as HTC EVO 4G, which is manufactured by HTC, one of the leading mobile phone manufactures in the world. Continue reading “HTC Inspire 4G for AT&T leaks in Ad”

HTC EVO Shift lands on Walmart

We have heard plenty of rumors about the upcoming QWERTY Android Slider for Sprint USA. The handset just made an almost official appearance on the Walmart site. The site calls it the HTC EVO Shift sans the 4G but the branding on the device carries the 4G branding. Continue reading “HTC EVO Shift lands on Walmart”

HTC “First to 4G, again”, launching new device at CES 2011

HTC is one of the leading mobile phone manufacturers in the world. HTC made history by launching the Sprint HTC EVO 4G, which is the world’s first ever 4G smartphone, and then they launched the T-Mobile G2, which is T-Mobile’s first 4G phone. Continue reading “HTC “First to 4G, again”, launching new device at CES 2011″

HTC to launch LTE device in 2011, probably going to Verizon

We know that Verizon is working on LTE, and they have plans to launch their first LTE device in early 2011. And also AT&T announced that they will be launching LTE next year, so both carriers are trying hard to better than each other. HTC CEO Peter Chou said that they will Continue reading “HTC to launch LTE device in 2011, probably going to Verizon”

Smartphone Championship: HTC EVO 4G vs Samsung Galaxy S

Last match of FoneArena Smartphone Championship was between the Nokia N900 and Blackberry Storm 2, and our readers have chosen the Nokia N900 as a winner. The Nokia N900 got 488 votes, and Blackberry Storm 2 got only 143 votes, which is a quite less score. Well, N900 is now in the next round, and it will face the Palm Pre. Now lets head to the next match.

I was waiting for this match from a long time. The next match is between the HTC EVO 4G and Samsung Galaxy S, both are highly qualified phones and known as the best smartphones available in market, but now only one will win, so folks you have the voting right, so on your marks, get set, VOTE!

Samsung Epic 4G hitting Sprint Aug 31st for $249!

Folks over at USA are waiting for Samsung Epic 4G from a long time, and finally Samsung has announced that the Epic 4G is hitting Sprint on August 31st, for $249.99 with a 2-yr agreement and $100 mail in rebate.

Epic 4G is an epic phone, and for some reasons it’s better than the EVO 4G. The Epic 4G comes with a Super AMOLED display, which is bright and clear as compared to the EVO. Epic 4G is expensive than the Evo, but it worth it because the Epic comes with a blazing fast processor, better display, and the slide out QWERTY keyboard.

If you want to know more why the Epic is better, than Sprint made it easy for you. Here is a video after the break, in which Sprint compares the EPIC 4G with the EVO 4G. Have a look:


Sprint EVO 4G getting Android 2.2 on August 3

Good news for the people who are waiting for Android 2.2 for their HTC EVO 4G. Sprint has officially announced that the Android 2.2 for EVO 4G will be live on August 3. After the Google Nexus One, EVO 4G is going to be the first device to receive Android 2.2. Continue reading “Sprint EVO 4G getting Android 2.2 on August 3”

Droid 2 official image discovered?

One of Engadget’s loyal reader, known as Dominic was just chilling around on Droid Does website and he was looking for some hints in the Droid teaser site, and then suddenly he discovered an image of the Droid 2 hidden in the Shockwave Flash file. Well, we saw Droid 2 a lot of times unofficially, but this is the first official shot of the Droid 2. Continue reading “Droid 2 official image discovered?”

Sprint considering on LTE and T-Mobile merger

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse was talking to the Financial Times, while giving the interview, Dan Hesse said that “We have the spectrum resources where we could add LTE if we choose to do that, on top of the WiMAX network. The beauty of having a lot of spectrum is we have a lot of flexibility.” That means that Sprint is also considering on LTE, not only on 4G (WiMax). There is no doubt in it that LTE is more faster than WiMax. Sprint WiMax partner, Clearwire also said that LTE is a possibility in the future. Continue reading “Sprint considering on LTE and T-Mobile merger”

HTC EVO 4G Price is $199 Available on June 4

Sprint just tweeted that their CEO Dan Hesse just announced that the HTC EVO 4G will be available on June 4 at a cool price of $199. Sprint is claiming that the EVO 4G can do Mobile Video Chat, Simultaneous Voice and Data and HD Video Capture all over their 4G network.
Continue reading “HTC EVO 4G Price is $199 Available on June 4”