Video : Multi-Tasking on the Nokia N9

nokia n9 multitasking

Here is a quick look at Multitasking on the Nokia N9 powered by MeeGo. When you see a preview of all the apps currently running , it shows you the every app’s current state in realtime and not just a screenshot like in some other platforms. For instance the Compass app reacts to movements even when in the Multitasking view. Pretty impressive ! Watch it in action in the video below. Continue reading “Video : Multi-Tasking on the Nokia N9”

Review-PDAir Leather Book Style Case for Nokia N900


There are cases and then there are luxurious cases like the ones manufactured by PDAir. The Nokia N900 Cases from PDAir are- A Leather Book Style Case, Leather Flip Style Case and a Leather Pouch Style Case. I will be reviewing the Leather Book Style Case today.

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Review – ZAGG Invisible Shield for Nokia N900


Protecting your device/mobile phone is always a big issue. No matter how careful you are with it, there is always a chance that it can suffer a few scratches, knocks and cuts. Another issue is the extra bulk that covers and cases add to your device thus making the device uncomfortable to use.

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Nokia N900 gets Android 2.3 Unoffically

Most Android devices out there waiting for Android 2.3 update. But the unexpected Nokia N900 Linux SuperPhone got its Android 2.3 unofficially. posted a week later that the port of 2.3 is on the line for N900.The hackers from NITDroid project have succesfully ported the Android 2.3 aka GingerBread to the Nokia N900.  The developers says that android core from 2.2 to 2.3 dont have major difference thats what made the port a bit easier. The stable version release will follow soon. The Froyo stable release for Nokia N900 will be out in few days. Continue reading “Nokia N900 gets Android 2.3 Unoffically”

Review – Otterbox Commuter Series Case for Nokia N900

Otterbox is a company that makes some of the best protective cases for phones. So when I heard that they are making a case for the Nokia N900, I decided to review it. This is the review of the Nokia N900 Commuter Series Case from OtterBox and I describe what sets this case apart from the others.Cases always have a mixed reception. Some people use cases saying it gives protection to their device and sometimes improves the looks. Others say it adds unnecessary bulk to the device and that it also spoils the looks of the phone. I am amongst the former group of people. I believe that even if cases add some bulk, cases protect your device from scratches, bumps and falls.

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Pictures: Blue Nokia N8 compared to N900 and X6

As reported before, I was lucky enough to get invited to a special little Blogger event, hosted by Nokia Austria. We have been shown and demoed the Nokia N8, the latest photography flagship from Finland. Since the Device were still in proto status, we weren’t allowed any exhaustive hands-on times, but the bit we got to see really impressed. I was lucky enough to grab one of those N8’s and quickly shoot some size comparisons, with a Nokia N900 and a X6 16GB. Enjoy the Pictures!

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Presenting the Maemo Masters Invitational

If you are looking forward to buy the Nokia N900 in India we have some good news to share. Nokia has launched Maemo Masters Invitational as a part of which 5 readers every week for 5 weeks get a chance to purchase a Maemo Master Edition of the Nokia N900 at the same retail price of the normal device.  This edition packs some extra goodies Continue reading “Presenting the Maemo Masters Invitational”

Nokia N900 launching in India at a Price of Rs.30639

We are here in Noida, Delhi for the Nokia N900 India launch. Nokia has annouced the MRP ( Maximum Retail Price ) of this Maemo Handset. It will be available starting this June for Rs.30639. It’s looking like the device will ship with the recently released PR1.2 Firmware in India Continue reading “Nokia N900 launching in India at a Price of Rs.30639”

Nokia N900 finally getting PR 1.2 Firmware Update today

Breaking news from MaemoArena , Nokia is finally rolling out the PR 1.2 firmware update for the Nokia N900. This update was leaked earlier and Nokia had issued a warning not to update using the unofficial source and that it could damage the device. This update brings tons of changes to the device and was eagerly awaited by the Maemo community . This update adds features like Portrait mode in Browser, Facebook IM supports, Email fixes, Skype Video Calling, Maps UI changes and lots more

Read the full details on MaemoArena

OtterBox Protective Cases for LG enV and Nokia N900

Otterbox has launched new cases for the LG enV Touch, enV3,Chocolate Touch and the Nokia N900. These protective cases are built to save your phones from bumps, scratches and shocks .  The entire phone is covered including ports and earphone socket. You also get a protective film for the screen and keypad. They are not waterproof but they have separate line of products for that

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Nokia warns about unofficial PR 1.2 Firmware update , can damage phones

The much awaited PR 1.2 firmware update for the Nokia N900 has been leaked and this unofficial update has been circulating on the Internet since yesterday .

We had posted this news on MaemoArena along with a bunch of screenshots and the changelog. We had warned that this update was not official and might brick your phone. Now Nokia has stepped in and tweeted that this unofficial update is causing damage to N900 devices. So users are requested to stay away from this update

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Nokia N900 Launching in India really soon, Price around Rs.25000

Nokia N900 is finally launching in India really soon. We have learnt that the price of this linux monster is going to be around Rs.25000 or upwards

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Nokia N900 Review

The FoneArena Nokia N900 Review

The N900 is the first phone from Nokia based on the Maemo Platform.  Nokia has expressed their intentions to use Maemo in high-end phones.  The Nokia N900 is a Touchscreen, full  QWERTY slider phone and one of most talked about members of the N-Series recently.
nokia n900 review

Does the first phone built on the top of this relatively new phone platform live up to it’s expectations ? Find out in our N900 review.

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