Jolla Sailfish OS Hands-On


At MWC 2013 , we were lucky to sit down with Marc Dillon, CEO of Jolla which is a mobile start-up based  in Finland. While Jolla might be new to mobile scene, most of the team previously worked with Nokia for several years before stepping out to start Jolla.If you were a fan of the Nokia N9 or any of the  Maemo or MeeGo devices , you will surely appreciate the approach Jolla’s Sailfish OS brings to the mobile arena.

Watch a nice 6 minute overview of the Sailfish OS presented by none other than the CEO Marc himself on a Nokia N950 developer device.


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Exclusive : The Epic Nokia N950 Hands On !

The first Nokia Harmattan / MeeGo device , the Nokia N9 , has been garnering rave reviews everywhere. However there is one more MeeGo phone ie the developer only Nokia N950. Rumor has it that the N950 was supposed to be launched in 2010 as the first MeeGo device but got canned. Nokia has been handing these out to select developers to spurt the development of Qt apps for the N9 as well as the next billion Qt enabled devices.

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Nokia N9 Might Run Android Apps

Nokia have already hinted at the vast number of Qt applications that will be available for the MeeGo powered Nokia N9 and the N950. But now it seems that the Nokia N9 might be able to run unmodified Android applications thanks to the Alien Dalvik system.

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Nokia N950 Available Exclusively for Developers

Looks like its going to take a long time for all the Nokia fans around the world, to come out of the excitement, especially after the announcement of the stunning Nokia N9 MeeGo device. But I am sure you must be wondering about the device which we were all expecting to be the N9, with the full-QWERTY keyboard, though it turned out to be a pure touch screen phone. Continue reading “Nokia N950 Available Exclusively for Developers”

Nokia N9 Press Images Leaked

PocketNow has got their hands on the Press Images of the rumoured Nokia N9 / Lankku / N950 . The images almost confirms that the device will be a Touch only device without a QWERTY keyboard. Full specs or a final name is still not out, but the handset is likely to arrive in Pink, Blue and Black. The device looks super slim and seems to be running Nokia’s version of the MeeGo which has been under development for quite sometime. Continue reading “Nokia N9 Press Images Leaked”

Nokia N9 / RM-680 Passes FCC Tests , Coming Soon ?

The long awaited MeeGo smartphone by Nokia might finally be making its way to consumers soon. FCC documents reveal that the device has undergone testing and packs in quad band GSM and penta band 3G support like the recent Symbian 3 devices. The device bears an uncanny resemblance to the previously leaked design. There were rumors around the internet that the design had been ditched for an all new fully touch based phone but the FCC images say otherwise.

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