Jolla Sailfish OS Hands-On


At MWC 2013 , we were lucky to sit down with Marc Dillon, CEO of Jolla which is a mobile start-up based  in Finland. While Jolla might be new to mobile scene, most of the team previously worked with Nokia for several years before stepping out to start Jolla.If you were a fan of the Nokia N9 or any of the  Maemo or MeeGo devices , you will surely appreciate the approach Jolla’s Sailfish OS brings to the mobile arena.

Watch a nice 6 minute overview of the Sailfish OS presented by none other than the CEO Marc himself on a Nokia N950 developer device.


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Nokia N9 v1.1 Software Update rolling out now

While some users have already got the much awaited PR 1.1 software update for the Nokia N9 which is only MeeGo device from Nokia , others can expect it to get it soon through an OTA update. Nokia announced on it’s official blog earlier today that the software update for the device is being rolled out.  Continue reading “Nokia N9 v1.1 Software Update rolling out now”

Nokia N9 is Sexy – Photo Gallery

We hope you have seen Michael’s (@MichaelxHell)Swipetastic review of the Nokia N9. Now, we let the Nokia N9 do the talking through this photo gallery of the device. Continue reading “Nokia N9 is Sexy – Photo Gallery”

Nokia 710 spotted over at Nokia Developer

My Nokia Blog reports that a Nokia 710 was spotted over at Nokia Developer earlier today. The phone sports specifications which are very similar to those suggested for Mango devices. Interestingly the OS is named as Maemo Internet Tablet 2008 but that is obviously meant to cover up the presence of Windows Phone 7 on the hardware.

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Exclusive Photo Gallery : 99 Photos of the Nokia N9 !

Nokia N9 Photo Gallery

You must have surely read about the Nokia N9 and how awesome the hardware is. The device was announced today at Singapore. The N9 proves that Nokia can still make awesome phones. The phone is powered by MeeGo which means the device is truly open source. FoneArena’s Michael Hell was at the N9 Meetup in Austria and he brings us 99 photos of the Nokia N9. Sit back relax and drool over the N9.

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Video: Tilt ‘n’ Roll – Nokia N900 records and rewards Skate Boarding moves

You must have have heard about the PUSH N900 Challenge which took place back in 2009 where we saw a lot of hackers doing really cool things with the N900. The Tilt ‘n’ Roll game is a brainchild of the same challenge and it’s a contribution from the Solderin’ Skaters which comprises of 6 individuals – Keywan Tonekaboni, Nick Thomas, Jan Anlouff, Sebastian Zehe, Erik Weitnauer and Alexander Lenhard.

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Presenting the Maemo Masters Invitational

If you are looking forward to buy the Nokia N900 in India we have some good news to share. Nokia has launched Maemo Masters Invitational as a part of which 5 readers every week for 5 weeks get a chance to purchase a Maemo Master Edition of the Nokia N900 at the same retail price of the normal device.  This edition packs some extra goodies Continue reading “Presenting the Maemo Masters Invitational”

Nokia N900 finally getting PR 1.2 Firmware Update today

Breaking news from MaemoArena , Nokia is finally rolling out the PR 1.2 firmware update for the Nokia N900. This update was leaked earlier and Nokia had issued a warning not to update using the unofficial source and that it could damage the device. This update brings tons of changes to the device and was eagerly awaited by the Maemo community . This update adds features like Portrait mode in Browser, Facebook IM supports, Email fixes, Skype Video Calling, Maps UI changes and lots more

Read the full details on MaemoArena

Nokia warns about unofficial PR 1.2 Firmware update , can damage phones

The much awaited PR 1.2 firmware update for the Nokia N900 has been leaked and this unofficial update has been circulating on the Internet since yesterday .

We had posted this news on MaemoArena along with a bunch of screenshots and the changelog. We had warned that this update was not official and might brick your phone. Now Nokia has stepped in and tweeted that this unofficial update is causing damage to N900 devices. So users are requested to stay away from this update

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