Nokia brings Qt port to Maemo5 , shows it off on N900 on Video

Nokia has officially announced the Qt port to Maemo5 Linux and shows it off on Video using the eagerly awaited Nokia N900 .Qt comes to Nokia from the  acquisition of Norwegian company Trolltech back in 2008 and it was formerly referred to as Qtopia.Enjoy the video after the jump.


Qt is a UI Application framework and follows the wrote once and run anywhere approach. Developers can target Nokia N-series devices including the N900,Symbian, Windows Mobile and embedded Linux. Sounds cool isn’t it.Maemo mobile applications cam also be ported to the desktop on Windows, Mac and Linux. Its a great move by Nokia it demonstrates the power of Linux and the greatness of a Community driven project. The port has been released as a initial Technology Preview and the final version will be out in Q1 2010. In the current mobile ecosystem a certain OS from a specific vendor can’t dominate the market as consumers want variety.  Android is going to be pretty big by 2012 according to analysts.


Geeks and developers can download the Qt port to Maemo 5 technology preview

Author: Varun Krish

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