GoodBye MeeGo, Intel and Samsung team up for Tizen

Looks like the clouds surrounding the future of MeeGo have finally cleared up. Intel has announced today that it is bidding farewell to MeeGo and joining Tizen project which is part of the Linux Foundation.  The Tizen project was announced yesterday by the Linux foundation and the LiMo foundation as an open-source Linux based device software platform. Tizen covers smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, netbooks and in-vehicle infotainment systems. The first devices powered by Tizen are expected to hit the market in mid-2012.

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ELSE Mobile – Something totally different from the crowd

While we are wrapping up MWC 2010 coverage on FoneArena, we definitely didn’t want you to miss out on the First ELSE phone which is based on the ACCESS Linux platform. The Else Intuition User Interface on this phone is something totally different. It’s definitely something ELSE !  FoneArena’s Aanjhan & Varun got a chance to speak to Eldad Eilam , CTO of Else Mobile based who are based in Israel.

He highlighted the fact that this phone is optimized for one-handed use

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Samsung LIMO Vodafone Handset Leaked


These are the pictures of a LIMO powered Samsung phone under the Vodafone network. This phone has been leaked ahead of the Vodafone release schedule. Rumours say that this might be the Samsung Riedel i8305. Continue reading “Samsung LIMO Vodafone Handset Leaked”