Apple iPhone 3G Hands On Video Review FoneArena Exclusive

We were lucky to grab an iphone 3g at an Apple Store and for all you folks out in parts of the world where the phone has not come yet — this is what the phone looks like .. enjoy FoneArena’s Exclusive Live Hands On Video Review

more videos below

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What will be the iPhone 3G price in India

The whole world is now getting the iPhone 3g and the still there no word on the pricing information the 2nd largest mobile market in the world – India

So many of you users have been asking about the iphone 3g ‘s price in india . Unfortunately no official info is out but we can make some predictions based on our understanding of the mobile  scene in india.

Read on to get the expected price of the 3g iphone

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Former EA Games executive launches gaming company Ngmoco

In an almost diminished scenario as there are not many real players in the industry. The risk is aplenty though the future is really highly promising. Yes gaming has been taken to an all time high. Thanks to handsets like N81, I phone, and more so because of the introduction of N-gage gaming platform. But I am not talking about the symbian scenario though. Its about Neil Young.

Neil Young, a former executive in EA games has quit from his job and started a new Gaming company, Ngmoco.

Young adds that the mobile gaming industry “has been stagnant for a few years. I feel the iPhone is a real opportunity to change that industry.'” Continue reading “Former EA Games executive launches gaming company Ngmoco”

Hmmm Which processor does Iphone 3G Use?

Speculation rounds happen in the internet when there is a launch of a really good product or when there is a product of great value, technology and come from a company that previously gave the world a masterpiece product.

So when Apple is about to debut its next-gen 3G phone, all eyes and rumor mills would surround what would be its actual spec sheet unless Apple itself releases it.

This time around it is about the processor in the iPhone 3G. A research note from JoAnne Feeney at FTN Midwest indicates that Apple’s next iPhone may very well be powered by a processor from Intel’s new Atom family of low-cost, low-power processors. Intel is reportedly “well ahead” in their development schedule for the Atom family of processors. Continue reading “Hmmm Which processor does Iphone 3G Use?”

Apple iPhone 3G Airtel India bookings open

After we saw that Vodafone India opened bookings for iPhone 3G .. Now Bharti Airtel does not want to stay far behind.. I landed on this 3g iphone page on Airtel’s website

The website says Become the proud owner of Apple iPhone3G on Airtel.

They also have a form to sign up for the iPhone

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Vodafone India opens bookings for iPhone

Vodafone India has opened up bookings for the iPhone 3G .. although it would be just a 2G phone here.

There is a Pre Registration page on Vodafone’s website which lets you book your iPhone.

Both 8GB and 16GB versions will be available

Interesting Microsoft Exchange Support is going to be there .. What happens to Blackberry’s ball game in India ?

The page says Currently compatible only with 2G networks. Only select features and services
are currently available in India.

Features they claim

  • 8GB and 16GB
  • Assisted GPS
  • New applications
  • Greater autonomy
  • Microsoft Exchange

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Apple iPhone Games

It seems Apple is making all efforts to make sure it stays on top of the new generation of Phones. With a record number of downloads for Apple iPhone SDK and the subsequent launch of App Store, its all set to take the Mobile Games market by storm.

Major developers like Sega,Glu Mobile, EA and Pangea are already on the job to roll out the first batch of games. Sega recently showcased Super Monkey Ball, a tilt-sensitive iPhone game with over 110 levels.

But these games won’t be cheap. According to recent report on Pocket Gamer, while the initial launch price plans are close to $10, it may even come close to $25 for some titles. Continue reading “Apple iPhone Games”

Not Just Men , Women too Want SmartPhones

No more are you a geek if you have a Smartphone as women too are looking into smart phones, at least In India. Everyone from wives too professional woman is taking to Black Berry, Smart Phones, and PDAs etc.

In a Phone men look for Wi-Fi internet more while woman prefer Price, Size and Design. Woman give more importance to keypad on how easy it is to type on it and the speed of typing as women take to time very preciously. Men aren’t considered much about the aesthetics though no one will passé with a keyboard like N78.

As woman like faithful loyal partners, they prefer to stick to their gadgets for long. So they give more Importance to the price factor. Men love changing and updating their gadgets so they aren’t bothered much about the price.

Men give much thought to brand and are highly loyal to their favorite brands. Also men need Ease of Use as they usually multi task their phones. They also prefer touch Screens.

No wonder Iphone would be a huge success in India, once it launches. Will be interesting to see the pricing of it in India

iPhone in India through Airtel and Vodafone

That’s good news for subscribers of Airtel and Vodafone. The iPhone will be made available to their customers in India.

The two companies announced that the 3G instrument would be available in India by the end of this year.

Vodafone and Apple will bring iPhone 3G first to Australia, Italy, New Zealand, and Portugal on July 11. In these markets, Vodafone will make available iPhone 3G on both prepaid and contract price plans that will include value data bundles.

Then, later this year, Vodafone will make iPhone 3G available in other markets including the Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, South Africa, Turkey, and most importantly — India.

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iPhone 3G in India Bharti Airtel Apple ink Deal

Good news for all of you wanting to buy an iPhone in India.

Airtel and Apple have signed a deal to make the iPhone available in India later this year.

No word on the time or pricing yet.

3G does not make any sense in India. I tried to get in touch with Airtel officials about this . will keep you all posted.

Save your cash and get one of these sexy beauties !!

Apple iPhone is going to change the mobile handset scene in India

Full please release below

Bharti Airtel and Apple to Bring iPhone 3G to India
NEW DELHI and SAN FRANCISCO—June 9, 2008— Continue reading “iPhone 3G in India Bharti Airtel Apple ink Deal”

3G iPhone is official available from July 11

the For all of you who have been longing to get an iPhone .. Its Honey in your ears.

You can get a 3G iPhone with improved battery life and 3G connectivity for just $199 which is around Rs.8600

New Features

  • New iPhone 2.0 firmware
  • Relatively thinner Edges
  • GPS (Assisted)
  • 3G
  • Headphone Jack
  • Full plastic Panel
  • International Availability – will be available this year in India I Guess
  • Safari Mobile Kicks the butt of Nokia and Palm and Opera browsers
  • 10 hrs of 2G talktime ( Apple – I luv u) -5 hrs on 3G – 24 hours of Audio ( good bye ipod ! ) Continue reading “3G iPhone is official available from July 11”

Apple planning big for the 3G iPhone

Apple is gearing up for the launch of the 3G iPhone this June. The company is also in talks with music label companies, just like Nokia is doing for its Comes with Music initiative. Apple is doing all this in order to expand the ringtones and music features that are currently available on the iPhone. Apple ia making sure that the iPhone 3G launch is a big one and the music lable deal should compliment it. Continue reading “Apple planning big for the 3G iPhone”