Complete Apple iPad 2 Line-Up gets a Price Cut in India

Apple has cut the price of all models of the iPad 2 in India after it announced the new version of the iPad earlier this week in the US.The entry level iPad 2 WiFi model gets the biggest cut of Rs.5000 whereas other models see cuts between Rs.2000 and Rs.4000. We already told you about the price of the 16GB WiFi only iPad 2 dropping to Rs.24500 , now we have confirmation from Apple that the entire iPad 2 line up will see a discount.

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Apple iPad 2 Price Drops to Rs.24500 in India

ipad 2 price drop

Apple announced the next-gen iPad last night at an event in San Francisco and also reduced the price of the iPad 2 16GB version to $399 in the US. Today morning we heard from Apple India that the price cut is effective in India as well. The 16GB WiFi only version of the iPad 2 is now available for Rs.24500. The 16GB WiFi+3G version now retails for Rs.32900.Apple has not yet declared the Indian pricing for the third generation iPad which packs a Retina display. It will reveal the Indian pricing closer to the launch. Don’t head out to the stores now and expect the new pricing for the new iPad 2 to be effective immediately as it might take a few days for the news to be communicated to the retail network. Couple of Apple Stores we spoke to were selling the iPad 2 at the same old price as of today morning.


Apple iPad 2 Price Drop – 16GB Wi-Fi version gets $100 Price Cut !

Apple has announced the new iPad today with a bunch of new features and surprisingly , the old iPad or the iPad 2 is not going away from the shelves. Apple has announced that the 16GB Wi-Fi version of the iPad 2 will get a $100 price cut starting today and will start selling at $399 instead of the usual $499. The new iPad will start at $499 for the 16GB Wi-Fi version. If you wanted to get an iPad and are willing to spend only about $400 ,  now is a great time to pick one up. But if you are a techie who lives in the cutting edge of technology , save up that extra $100 and get yourself the new iPad. It should be totally worth it. Continue reading “Apple iPad 2 Price Drop – 16GB Wi-Fi version gets $100 Price Cut !”

Reliance 3G iPad Plans

Reliance Communications or RCOM has outed its 3G data plans for the iPad2 and it makes a lot of sense as many iStores selling iPad2s in India are owned by Reliance Retail a sister company.Reliance has been boasting of a superior 3G network through it’s ad campaigns recently and we are not exactly sure if claims are true. But if you are a Reliance 3G user and also carry along an iPad, these plans might be of interest to you .

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Video: It’s time for the Samsung Galaxy Tab

What comes in your mind when someone asks you about Samsung and Apple? Well, if someone asks me that, I would say that both companies are currently going through a hard time. We know that Apple recently sued Samsung over Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab, and then Samsung sued Apple too, so currently there is a cold war going on. Samsung announced Galaxy Tab 10.1 at MWC which is the thinnest tablet available in the market and it’s really a big challenge for Apple iPad2. Continue reading “Video: It’s time for the Samsung Galaxy Tab”

Would you sell your kidney for iPad2? A Chinese teen did

Everyone loves to get their hands on their favorite gadgets one day when they have enough money to afford it or you love it so much and sell out your kidney for it? Well, a teenager in China named Zheng is something more than huge fan of Apple iPad2 and he sold his kidney to buy it because he couldn’t afford it. He sold his kidney for an amount of 2000 pound sterling so he could buy an iPad2. Continue reading “Would you sell your kidney for iPad2? A Chinese teen did”

Apple iPad2 Unboxing

Most of you might know that I have been in traveling in USA during most of this month. Although the iPad 2 was sold out in most places,  I managed to grab an Apple iPad 2 – 64GB WiFi+3G Model from an Apple Store in New York City. This was the 5th store i had tried in 3 cities. The iPad 2 is much lighter than the first iPad and you will notice this as soon as you start using the device. I picked up the white version just because it seemed different.

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Apple iPad 2 India Prices , Comparison

ipad 2 india prices

Apple India just left the cat out of the bag and informed us the iPad 2 is indeed launching in India this Friday. While we find the prices to be reasonable for a new Apple product that went on sale only last month in USA, some are disappointed about the prices which Apple has released for the iPad 2 . We decided to do a little comparison of the india prices and the US price.

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Apple iPad 2 India Launch Confirmed , coming on April 29

apple ipad 2 india

Wow ! Apple India just sent a press release confirming that the iPad 2 is indeed launching in India on April 29th. The iPad 2 has been facing unexpected demand ever since it’s US launch and it is sold out in most stores. The iPad 2 will be available in Japan on April 28.It will be available in  Hong Kong, Israel, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, UAE and India on April 29.China will get the WiFi version on May 6th.

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Apple iPad 2 Launched

Apple today launched the all new iPad 2 in an event in San Francisco. The new design is thinner at barely 8.8 mm thickness and its so light at just 601 grams for the basic version. That’s makes us ask the question if tablets are going to as thin as razor blades in future. The iPad 2 still offers the same stellar 10 hour battery life as the previous version.

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A Byte of Apple : iPad 2 Predictions

Uncharacteristically Apple. The invite sent out last week to the media wasn’t subtle or discreet as the company is often wont to be. Instead, it showed an image of a calendar app icon peeled back to reveal the corner of an iPad that was very much identical to the one that is running on short supplies in Apple stores worldwide as you read this. So the next iPad is upon us, and now’s a great time to take stock of all the rumors and predictions around the new device. But before we start, the big question, at least to me is – which one will it be – iPad 2, or a 1.5 equivalent? It boils down to this – just how much does Apple need an iPad 2 beyond the simple ‘marketing’ matter of keeping up with the Joneses? Sure, the competition has recently trumpeted impressive specs such as dual-core processors, HDMI output, video chat, HD camcorders, and 4G wireless connections, but I for one feel they’re missing point completely in trying to beat the iPad on specs. Where the first generation iPad scores is on experience – the breadth and depth of apps (games included) that run like a dream on the iPad are yet to see serious competition from tablet specific apps on Android. Plus, the iPad’s 10 hours of battery life has set the bar really high for the competition, and all those dual core processors the competition is sporting aren’t going to help one bit in this department. I’d even be willing to wager that the first-gen is good for some more time yet, possibly with modest improvements, allowing for a bigger September iPad 2 update to capitalize on the massive holiday shopping season. All this points to why the updates I sense we’ll see come March 2 will be incremental and evolutionary, not revolutionary. Continue reading “A Byte of Apple : iPad 2 Predictions”