Webtop dock gets killed by Motorola

Remember the Webtop by Motorola with the Atrix 4G we had seen at CES last year? Did anyone actually buy it? Well, I have no idea, but apparently it was a fail device from Motorola and they are killing it.

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Nokia patents flexible hinge for foldable tablets

Nokia has been working on foldable electronics for a while now and has previously demonstrated the Nokia Kinect concept. The Kinect concept is a phone with a bendable screen which responds to both touch and twists.

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Nokia 1 – Windows 8 Tablet Concept

If you thought that the Nokia N9/Lumia 800 designs looked slick, then you have to take a look at the Nokia 1 tablet concept by yronimus. The concept is certainly one of the best looking tablets that we’ve seen if not the best.

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Nokia Kinetic concept phone with flexible display hands-on

Nokia is demoing a concept phone with flexible display at Nokia World 2011 in London. The Nokia Kinetic by Nokia Research division works by bending and twisting the device in each corner in order to register input.

The Nokia Kinetic is a landscape device with two working applications, Music and Pictures, no doubt created as proof of concepts. For example bending in the device towards you will open the application.

Below is a video demo of the Nokia Kinetic and how it works. There are currently no plans to bring this screen technology to the market but this is merely a sneak into what Nokia has in store for us.


Sony Ericsson Cybershot concept looks hot

Recently we showed you first shot of Sony Ericsson upcoming Cybershot phone, which will be their first ever Android Cybershot phone. Sony Ericsson Cybershot series is famous because of the amazing camera quality and you may have seen the Arc and its camera is brilliant, so you can expect a good camera in it. Continue reading “Sony Ericsson Cybershot concept looks hot”

MWC 2011 : Nokia WP7 Concept Previewed

Like we had already posted , Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 based concept phone renders got leaked earlier this week. Today at the Nokia event we got confirmation from Jo Harlow that these concepts were a culmination of two months of combined work by Nokia’s hardware engineers and Microsoft’s software engineers.

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Nokia Windows Phone 7 concept phone looks bitter sweet !

Nokia yesterday announced their strategic partnership with Microsoft, where both the companies were aiming to save themselves. It was quit unexpected, that Nokia couldn’t see MeeGo as their winning smartphone platform but it certain that their attention has all turned towards the US market and hence this decision. Coming to the concept, just after hours of announcement this concept phone by these two companies has already been making rounds. Continue reading “Nokia Windows Phone 7 concept phone looks bitter sweet !”

Mozilla SeaBird concept phone is mind blowing

You may have seen a lot of mobile phone concepts, but the one you are going to see below will blow you away, seriously this is one of the best concepts ever made. The concept is made by the masterminds over at Mozilla Labs, and they are calling it Sea Bird. The Sea Bird is Continue reading “Mozilla SeaBird concept phone is mind blowing”