RIP iPhone 4: One of Apple’s best iPhones will not get iOS 8

At the Apple Developer Conference event WWDC 2014 in San Francisco, which was held yesterday, Apple announced a lot of improvements and new features for their OS X and iOS operating systems. The iOS 8, as it would be called, will succeed iOS 7 and will be available for devices – iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. Of course it would debut on the upcoming iPhone 6. However, iPhone 4, which was a significant milestone for Apple has been left out of iOS 8 support, meaning that iOS 7 would be its last operating system.

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Unlocked Apple iPhone 5 Prices for UK Revealed

While Apple has revealed only the Contract-only pricing for the Apple iPhone 5 in the US, the company is going to sell unlocked versions of the iPhone 5 at launch in the UK. Interestingly the base model starts from 529 pounds an increase of 30 pounds compared to the iPhone 4S. One point to note is that the price includes a 20% VAT or Sales Tax. If you were thinking of getting the iPhone 5 from UK , 529 GBP at current pound levels is about Rs.47000 approx in terms of the Indian Rupee. Continue reading “Unlocked Apple iPhone 5 Prices for UK Revealed”

iOS 5.1 bringing deeper Facebook integration ?

iMore reports that the iPhone might be getting deeper Facebook integration similar to Twitter in the next update ie iOS 5.1 . The website shows off screenshots from the beta 3 release which allows users to add Facebook names to the contact card.

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Microsoft OneNote 1.3 Released for iOS

OneNote is an application that is extremely useful to keep a tab on your daily tasks. Microsoft has released OneNote 1.3, just in time for the holidays.

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Instagram coming soon to an Android device near you !

The extremely popular photo sharing iOS app , Instagram is finally coming to Android. In an interview with CNET , CEO Kevin Systrom mentioned that two engineers were already working on an Android port of the application.

Pictured above , Instagram 2.0 for iPhone

Instagram already enjoys over 14million users on the iOS platform ! The application lets users apply filters on captured images giving them  a uniquely retro look. The company plans to generate a revenue stream via advertisements in the application. Continue reading “Instagram coming soon to an Android device near you !”

Siri encryption broken down , Android port still not likely

Developers at iPhone development house Applidium have done a thorough investigation into the security encryption behind Siri and have worked out a way to get it running on non – iPhone devices as well ! Now before you jump to conclusions, it is important to note that a valid iPhone 4S identification string is needed to authenticate which might work out for a few test situations but would likely result in a ban if thousands of requests were sent.

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Siri comes to the iPhone 4

Just a few days into the iPhone 5 4S release and iOS 5 roll out  , a group of enterprising ‘hackers’ have already begun preliminary work on porting Siri to the iPhone 4. Understandably it is still early days for the process as the phone can be seen to be pretty sluggish with Siri onboard.

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Apple Might Not Reveal the iPhone 5 Tonight?!

We’re just a few hours away from the most anticipated phone event of the year and we have received some breaking news. Sources say that there might just be one iPhone tonight.

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Apple iPhone 4S 64GB Variant Leaked

The big day is finally here. Apple is all set to announce the next generation iPhones today. But we’ve still got some iPhone 4S news for you before the announcement courtesy of Vodafone Germany. Continue reading “Apple iPhone 4S 64GB Variant Leaked”

Is This the Design of the Apple iPhone 5?

There is a lot of discussion going on regarding the release date of the Apple iPhone 5- ie whether it is September or October. So here’s something about the design for a change. The phone in the picture above isn’t the real Apple iPhone 5.

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iPhone 5 hitting USA on September 5, International launch on October 5?

From last few months, we are hearing a lot of rumors about the Apple upcoming iPhone. Last month, we first heard that China Mobile will launch the new iPhone in September and then an analyst also claimed it, but he further said that Apple will launch two versions of it, one will be known as iPhone 5 and other will be iPhone 4S. We heard it before that there will be two versions of iPhone, but let’s wait for Apple to clear the air. I am about to tell you about another rumor related to the next iPhone, but this one is related to the release only. Continue reading “iPhone 5 hitting USA on September 5, International launch on October 5?”

Google Plus application now available for Apple iPhone

Google recently launched their new social network service which is known as Google Plus. Google+ is launched to compete with the leader of social networks, Facebook. Google+ is gaining a lot of popularity nowadays, and Google recently reported that there are more than 10 million users on it. Google+ app is already available for Android powered phones but not for iPhone as there a lot of iPhone users out there who are using Google+. Continue reading “Google Plus application now available for Apple iPhone”

Camera PRO+ App for iPhone 4 promises SLR quality images

Kenigart has launched their new Camera app for iPhone 4 called Camera PRO+. This app promises photo quality of professional level SLR Camera with the use of special math algorithms to enhance the photo taken with iPhone 4 camera. There are also several digital photo effects to enhance the images.

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