Position Art with Nokia N82 GPS by Stavros in Rome

Seems like Nokia is pushing the N82 a lot these days . The latest event for the same is called The World Is My Canvas


Can you spot the famous logo in the drawing above ?

At least the men might be knowing .. The event is about a crazy guy named Stavros who is performing Position Art in the

streets of Rome using his cool Nokia N82

Stavros is currently in Rome creating the greatest work of art ever, and I thought you might want to have a look. An exponent of ‘Position Art’ Stavros uses an N82 to send a signal of his route to his website: http://www.theworldismycanvas.com/greatevent/ via GPS as he wanders through the historic streets of the Italian capital creating his latest masterpiece.

He’s also blogging about the process as he goes with images, videos and comments on what he’s encountered appearing live throughout the day.

Head to http://www.theworldismycanvas.com/greatevent/ to see what he is currently up to and witness the birth of a truly great piece of art.

Author: Varun Krish

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