Nokia N82 VS N95 The 5 Mega Pixel Camera phone Battle

As I had promised before , I m bringing you a comparison of the 5 Mega Pixel Cameras from Nokia .. Its the Nokia N82 vs the Nokia N95 .. Both phones carry a 5 Mega Pixel Camera with Carl Ziess Optics and Autofocus .. The Big difference is the flash .. The N82 has a Xenon flash whereas the N95 only a LED Flash ..

Nokia N95 n N82 Camera Lenses

Nokia N95 Camera


The N92 too has a cool cam lens cover but its different from the N82 .. the LED flash is on the right ..

I was looking into the specs of the two phones and both are ditto even in focal length .. Only thing tat is different is the flash ..A Xenon flash is a big boost to the N82 ..

Nokia N82 Camera


See the N82 Camera which has cool lens cover with a big flash panel on the left .. Its very easy to use the N82 Camera lets cover and the feeling you get when you see such a camera is that why the hell do i need a a Digicam !

In the pics below on the Left is the N95 Camera in action and on the Right is the N82

Click on the thumbnail to get the full size version of the pics even with EXIF Information

  • In the Sun
  • Zoom Building
  • Colors Rangoli

  • Mobile Accessories Store Indoors

  • Now Whats Sony Ericsson have to say about these 5 MP Nokia Camera phones ?

  • How about some flowers finally (With Flash)

  • Taken in Complete Darkness with Flash

By this time you might have found out for yourself that the N82 beats the N95 in most of the pics .. The Xenon Flash is really powerful compared to the LED Flash of the N95 .. The most important plus of the N82 is the accuracy of the color information in the picture..Pictures are really sharp on the N82 even tough both Cameras seem similar apart from the Flash

Author: Varun Krish

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