Unboxing the Navigator Package from WOMWorld

I was really surprised when a huge package from WOM World UK arrived today

It was huge boxfrom DHL shipped from UK .. I was surprised by the size but when I lifted , it was kind of light..

world map box

There was a relatively smaller nokia box inside and on the outside was a globe map running through the top and bottom

To be honset this is most fancy packing i have ever seen for a mobile phone

do u see the lat longs ??

asian subcontinent

And finally the Nokia 6210 Navigator phone with the BH-602 Bluetooth headset

they are promoting OVI  Maps 3.0 which was announced in Barcelona last week ..

The phone is of a slider form factor and the keypad can be pulled out from below the display

Thanks to Dons and Team from WomWorld for the package .. We will be posting our thoughts about the device soon.

Author: Varun Krish

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