Clash of the N Series Titans N81 8GB, N82 and N95

If you were wondering why there are not much activity on this blog ? Then

the Nokia N Series Collection Nokia N81 GB N82 and N95 you see below is to blame .. I have been having a really cool time

playing with these 3 devices over the past 1 week .. Saddest part is that I have to bid adieu to the N95 and the N81 8Gb this weekend ..

The 3 phones are of distinct form factors .. one is a dual slider, other a normal slider and another a bar .. Indepth reviews of the N81 and N95 and coming and also a comparision of the 5 Megapixel Cameras of the N82 an N95 are coming
Hope you like the pics which i have managed to put together ..


Aint tis cool ?


Cant wait to compare the N95 and N82 Cameras .. Both are 5 MP but differ in flash (LED and Xenon )


Author: Varun Krish

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