HTC Wildfire S Review

While the original HTC Wildfire was a pint-sized alternative to the flagship HTC Desire, it cut a few too many corners in order to keep its price (not to mention dimensions) down. The screen showcased an awkward 240×320 pixel resolution and as a result many Android apps and games wouldn’t even work on the phone. The device was also hindered by an anemic 528MHz processor – practically stone-age in smartphone terms – which made it a poor second to the new generation of 1GHz mobiles that hit the market in 2010.

However, despite its numerous problems, the Wildfire proved to be something of a hit with consumers, possibly because its dinky size made it a truly ‘mobile’ smartphone. Just as it has done with the Desire S, HTC is revisiting the Wildfire concept with a new device that attempts to improve on what has gone before. Lets explore the device in the FoneArena Wildfire S Review. Continue reading “HTC Wildfire S Review”

Clove launching SIM free HTC Wildfire S tomorrow

HTC announced several good devices at the Mobile World Congress, and all of them are nice looking devices. HTC Wildfire S is one of them, which is actually the successor to Wildfire. Wildfire S is a entry-level budget Android powered phone, and we are living in a world where mostly Android phones are expensive. This device is actually a cheap alternative to Desire S, which was announced along with Wildfire S. Continue reading “Clove launching SIM free HTC Wildfire S tomorrow”

Video : HTC Wildfire S Hands On

htc wildfire s

FoneArena presents a first look at the Wildfire S , budget Android smartphone from HTC. This handset is just an improvement over the previous Wildfire handset. The screen resolution is twice as big and packs a 5 MP camera with a LED Flash. It runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread with HTC Sense UI.

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Froyo Update for HTC Wildfire rolling out in India

The much expected FroYo update for the HTC Wildfire is finally rolling out in India. The update was recently available in UK. Now users in India can update their handset Over The Air (OTA) to Android 2.2 Continue reading “Froyo Update for HTC Wildfire rolling out in India”

HTC Desire and Wildfire coming to India in July ?

The HTC Desire is still not available in India. The company had planned to launch it in May but we don’t know what happened. But we are hearing fresh news that the Desire is coming along with the Wildfire in July

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HTC Wildfire Promo Video

The Wildfire leaked first and then it was announced officially and it looked pretty much like a mini Desire. Now here is a promo video which highlights the features of the phone, The features highlighted are Social Networking using Friend Steam, Caller ID and App Recommendations .

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HTC Wildfire Official Photos

HTC has just launched the Wildfire for Europe and Asia and here are some official photos of the phone for your viewing pleasure. You will clearly notice in the photos that the phone looks a lot like the Nexus One and HTC Desire .The Wildfire  is expected to replace the Tattoo and will bring Android 2.1 to many users at a lower price compared to the Legend.

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HTC Wildfire a mini Desire

HTC has launched the Wildfire a Android 2.1 handset which takes design cues from Desire , Smart and Legend. The company has been coming up with some incredible names for its products and the Wildfire is the latest one. The product announcement is coming from Germany and we should have more information from HTC soon.

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HTC Wildfire Android Phone Leaked

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is known to be a source from which many leaks are spotted. But usually they just post blueprints of phones and not the real live photos. But this time, that’s exactly what they did.

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