HTC Wildfire hitting India soon!

If you live in India and a very big fan of the popular and expensive HTC Desire, but you don’t want to pay big money for it, then the cheap alternative of the HTC Desire is about to hit India, the HTC Wildfire. HTC Wildfire is an Android powered phone, and a very good entry-level Android handset. The HTC Wildfire packs
Android 2.1 with HTC Sense UI topping, 528MHz processor, 512MB ROM, 384MB RAM, a 3.2 inch QVGA touchscreen display, a 5MP autofocus camera with LED flash, Wi-Fi,
GPS, 3.5mm headset jack, Stereo FM radio with RDS, HTML browser, social networking integration (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace) and a 1300 mAh battery. The HTC Wildfire will be hitting India soon, where it’s priced at 16,ooo Indian Rupees ($343), which is I think not a bad price.

The HTC Wildfire is also hitting Australia, and it’s available on all major mobile carriers in UK, I hope HTC will launch this handset in USA soon.

UPDATE : Wildfie is already available in India from some dealers .

via UV
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  • It’s actually the best affordable Android you can get for that price. Don’t know why HTC ain’t working on increwsing the ROMs, same 512MB in every phone no matter high end or mid.

  • Hi man,
    I heard that it is available in mumbai market ALPHA one of the famous market for phone, is it true??
    Does anyone know here, anyone from mumbai??

    • Nidhi

      yes it is available @ Alpha

      • Ketan

        @ Nidhi at what price is htc wildfire available at alfa?

        • TJ

          Why u know want to buy it from alpha at a slight greater price when the official launch is near?

  • Yes this phone(HTC Wildfire) can be the best alternative of HTC Desire in India. But as I feel personally HTC Desire is my personal desire.

    • TJ

      Yes but remember wildfire is an entry level android compared to High End desire,whereas desire will be getting Android 2.2 froyo,which i think wildfire may also get but thats it,u will not find it to get Android 3.0 because of somewhat low processor & RAM compared to 1ghz desire.
      Desire will be getting 3.0 Android

      But its a serious competitor to nokia which currently eyeing only low & mid range phones

  • Angad Singh

    its a mini desire or a plastic legend…. if its for 15K then its the best in its price…. it can kill the wave if u ok with 3.2″….

  • htcFan

    kool wats the price in bgalore and wer is it available ?? thnx

  • Rajiv Madhav Dandekar

    waiting for desire for last two months , but i am told not officially available.

  • Nes Sangma

    The way new HTC models are being introduced It would be nice if they have an xchange policy for customers who want to go to a higher level. I;m sure they will find lots of takers. Do they have a retailer or distributor in Guwahati, Assam ?

  • Hi All,

    Can I know is HTC wildfire available in Bangalore, if “YES”, please let me know the dealer address/contact number and also please let me know the price.

    Surendra M

  • Rohan Passey

    Where is it available in Delhi? My birthday is on Friday, I would love it as a birthday present!