HTC Desire and Wildfire coming to India in July ?

The HTC Desire is still not available in India. The company had planned to launch it in May but we don’t know what happened. But we are hearing fresh news that the Desire is coming along with the Wildfire in July

The Wildfire might infact be a mini Desire or a Mini Nexus One.

While the Desire might fall in the Rs.25000-30000 price point the Wildfire might fall in he Rs.15000-20000 price point . C’mon HTC bring these devices soon to India !

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Author: Team FoneArena

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  • Vivek123

    Guys. Not another rumor pls. would at least appreciate corroboration or backing up with source in terms of where you got this information. Besides what I came to know about the May delay not happening was that Samsung had problems meeting the demand for the AMOLED screens for both the Nexus One and the Desire + the Wildfire bein manufactured simultaneously. I dont claim this to be a fully backed up news tho but seems to be the most likely reason.

  • vishnu

    I hv asked HTC help desk abt launch of desire n d reply was….
    DEar vishnu,
    ……………………….You want to know HTC Desire launch date. Regarding HTC Desire launch date we would like to intimate you HTC may launch the HTC Desire phone in the last week of July. You will find that handset on the website if it will launch. Please visit to the HTC website………………….
    n dey said that late is due to pblm of shipment(but i dont think so)…

  • Santosh

    I had mailed HTC in the last week of may. They had mentioned that Desire will be in India in July last week. 🙁

  • androidFan

    wat abt the wildfire? any guesses abt the price ?

    • dagg

      read carefully above..jack ass !!

  • Murali

    I already imported it from the uk (clove). absolutely love the phone.

    • androidFan

      Thats great news. Which one did u get desire or wildfire and wat is the cost? Thnx

      • Kumail Changezi

        wow…. does it work here fine or did you have to jail break it or something? and what about the warranty and the cost??

    • amit

      did you have to pay any duty? how much?

      reg amit

  • sajid

    its the same crap reply the HTC india customer care people give ie july end,its getting on nerves to wait for desire.anybody have taiwan head quarters, CEO mail id, lets bombard them with emails that we need desire sooooooon in india.

  • rishi

    i m looking to buy htc legend soud i w8 for desire or should i buy legend pls help me ……

    • Kumail Changezi

      w8 for desire… duh

  • amit

    htc wildfire…coming this week…pricing between 16K-17K…

    but still waiting for the desire :@

  • Sudhir

    I have been waiting for the HTC desire to launch in India for the past 3 months. But they keep postponing the date.It is getting so irritating, The wildfire was launched here last week.still no news about the desire.the showrooms say next month. Which i have been hearing from last 3 months. Guess our desire to own 1 should just wait. Does any 1 knw the confirmed date of launch in India???????????????????????????????


    • Pranjal

      Just get the Samsung Galaxy S. Better phone and better specs.

  • Amit

    This is the reply I got from HTC today regarding teh Desire launch in India:

    Thank you for contacting our Customer Support Center. We are dedicated to providing you with the best quality service and answering all of your questions and concerns. To clarify your issue, you stated that: You want to know about HTC Desire launch date. Regarding HTC Desire launch date we would like to intimate you HTC may launch the HTC Desire phone in the second week of August. You will find that handset on the website if it will launch. Please visit to the HTC website Note: – You will be able to get serve your phone only in the country from where you bought the phone. India does not cover Global warranty. Note: Regarding price please contact retailers only. You can also call our Call Center at: 1800 11 33 77 if you have further questions. Thank you once again for your continued patronage.

    • Asif

      m waitin from may n still waitin, only DESIRE nothin else will do……..come come august 2nd week……!

  • Sudhir

    ya again HTC says it “MAY” launch it in mid August..In tht way apple is way better.. they give the customers a perfect release date.. there are not many speculations about it.. HTC have been postponing the launch date from 3-4 months. N no warranty in India if its imported from some where…If HTC wants to gain a better market share in the smart touch phone business they need to launch the phones quickly in India.. They r loosing so many customers day by day.. If they don’t launch it by mid August. i will b going for the samsung Galaxy…Hoping HTC keeps to its word this time around..


  • I just talked to the HTC rep. He assured me that IT IS going to launch in India between 16-22 of August with SLCD screen.

    • Sudhir

      That is great news.. have been waiting for it to launch from months.. they always say “MAY”.. IT IS sounds more assuring :)and is the SLCD screen better than AMOLED?????????????

    • Sudhir

      and does tht affect the price in any way?? if its cheaper i dont mind the diff 🙂

  • Sudhir

    Desire finally has landed in India!!! 🙂 n it is with an AMOLED screen!! price around 27-28k!!! Cant wait to get my hands on 1! the long desire to own one has come to an end finally! 🙂

    • Ankur Gupta

      Is it with SLCD screen or amoled??

      • Sudhir

        its AMOLED!! i am getting my phone tomorrow 🙂

        • Ankur


          I talked to HTC India customer care few days back and they told me that it is going to be SLCD screen and not amoled screen. I mailed to HTC Asia customer care asking about the same and they also confirmed that it is SLCD screen and not amoled for HTC Desire.

          Do take notice of the screen before buying. For this reason i end up buying Google nexus one and not desire.

  • Cleason

    Dying to buy this phone.. its out of stock in bombay.. looked in almost every corner of the city..