Lenovo won’t discontinue the Moto E or Moto G


After reports about Lenovo planning to shift focus of the Moto lineup to higher end smartphones and the statement that said that all Moto smartphones in 2016 will come with fingerprint sensors, many felt that they would be cancelling off the Moto E or perhaps the Moto G as well.

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Motorola Moto E (2nd Gen) now available from Airtel stores, Amazon and Snapdeal in India

Motorola Moto E 2nd Gen _fonearena-001

Last month there were reports that Motorola is planning to sell their smartphones through offline retail stores. Motorola Moto E (2nd Gen) is not exclusively to Flipkart anymore. Today Motorola has announced that the Moto E (2nd Gen) will be available for purchase from Airtel stores offline and online retailers such as Amazon.in and Snadeal through its distribution partner Brightstar India. Continue reading “Motorola Moto E (2nd Gen) now available from Airtel stores, Amazon and Snapdeal in India”

Motorola Moto E (1st gen) now receiving Android 5.1 Lollipop OTA update in India

Moto E-21

Soon after rolling Android 5.1 Lollipop update for the Moto E (2nd Gen), Motorola has announced the Android 5.1 rollout for original Moto E devices in India. Continue reading “Motorola Moto E (1st gen) now receiving Android 5.1 Lollipop OTA update in India”

Moto E (2nd Gen) LTE starts receiving Android 5.1

Motorola has started rolling out Android 5.1 Lollipop update to Moto E (2nd Gen) LTE. Some Moto E (XT1527) users have been receiving the update over the air in the United States.

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Motorola Set to Roll out latest Android 5.1 Lollipop updates for Moto line-up

Android 5.0 Lollipop for Moto X, Moto G and Moto E

Motorola is all set to roll out latest Android 5.1 Lollipop updates to its popular Moto smartphone line-up. Continue reading “Motorola Set to Roll out latest Android 5.1 Lollipop updates for Moto line-up”

First Generation Moto X, Moto E , Moto G LTE to get Android 5.1 directly

Motorola has announced a good news for Motorola device owners. First generation Moto X, Moto E and Moto G LTE  are getting Android 5.0 Lollipop update.

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Motorola Moto E (2nd Gen) vs Moto E Photo Gallery

Motorola Moto E 2nd Gen vs Moto E_fonearena-01

Motorola announced the Moto E (2nd Gen) in February and the phone was launched in India earlier this month for Rs 6,999. The first-gen Moto E that was launched in India last year for Rs. 6,999 got a price cut to Rs. 5,999 recently. Lets’ compare Moto E (2nd gen) to the original Moto E in the form of photo gallery. Continue reading “Motorola Moto E (2nd Gen) vs Moto E Photo Gallery”

Motorola offers free 3G Moto E (2nd generation) with purchase of Moto X (2014)

Motorola has launched a new offer under which it is giving a 3G Moto E (2nd generation) free on a purchase of Moto X 2014. Through MotoMaker you can customize the front and back color, change the color of the trim of the Moto X Pure Edition.

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Motorola releases Android 5.0 Lollipop Soak Tests for Moto Maxx and Moto E

Motorola has started rolling out soak tests for Android 5.0 Lollipop on Moto Maxx and Moto E. The company is starting the soak test for Moto Maxx users in Brazil and Mexico, along with the Moto E users in Brazil and India.

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Best smartphone under Rs. 10000 – Motorola Moto E vs Micromax Unite 2 vs Xolo Q600s vs Lava Iris X1

Motorola Moto E, Micromax Unite 2, Xolo Q600s and Lava Iris X1 are part of the affordable value for money series of smartphones under the Rs.8,000 price tag and today, we put all of them against each other to help you make a better choice when you are about to purchase a budget smartphone. In this small comparison, we consider the display, performance, the camera, gaming and battery life of the smartphones to help you get a better perspective about these smartphones.


All these smartphones have dual-SIM capability and come with Android 4.4.2 KitKat out of the box.


The specification of the displays is as follows –

Motorola Moto E – 4.3inch qHD (540×960 pixels) display 256ppi
Micromax Unite 2 – 4.7inch WVGA (480×800 pixels) display 199ppi
Lava Iris X1 – 4.5inch FWVGA (480×854 pixels) display 218ppi
Xolo Q600s – 4.5inch qHD (540×960 pixels) display 245ppi

Moto E is the sharpest display in terms of pixel density, but it is also the smallest and is the only in the lot to have on-screen buttons. So it has a comparatively very small display. Unite 2 has the biggest display amongst the lot, but also has the least dense display with just a WVGA display and a pixel density less than 200ppi. Lava Iris X1 has a reasonable 218ppi 4.5inch display while the Xolo Q600s has the second sharpest display.


In terms of brightness, the Xolo Q600s is the brightest with the Unite 2 coming in second, followed by Iris X1 and Moto E is the least bright. Xolo Q600s emerges as the strongest in terms of viewing angles with the Unite 2 again coming in second. The Moto E ’s display does better in terms of viewing angles than the one on the Lava Iris X1. Color accuracy is maintained well in the Xolo Q600s and to some extent in the Unite 2. The displays of Moto E and Iris X1 appear relatively cooler than usual.

Overall, in terms of display quality, the Xolo Q600s is the clear winner and Unite 2 comes in next. The displays of Moto E and Iris X1 come in next. If you are a fan of bigger displays, then you would be picking the X1 over Moto E as Moto E’s screen estate is shrunk down by on screen buttons.


In terms of general performance, the Snapdragon powered Moto E is better than the other three. The Unite 2 comes in next thanks to its quad-core MediaTek chip and the Broadcom quad-core chip powered X1 and Q600s take the last place. Both these phones are laggy and that shows in their general user interface. Opening the apps is much quicker on Moto E and Unite 2, while the Broadcom powered X1 and Q600s severely fall behind in this aspect. Web browsing on Chrome is pretty much the same on all these phones with pinch to zoom taking a few seconds to load and that is expected in a budget offering.


Coming to the camera, here is a quick look at the specifications of the various camera units.

Moto E – 5MP fixed focus – NO LED Flash – No front camera – 854x480pixels video
Unite 2 – 5MP Auto focus – LED Flash – 2MP front camera – 720p video
Q600s – 5MP Auto focus – LED Flash – VGA front camera – 720p video
Iris X1 – 8MP Auto focus – LED Flash – 2MP front camera – 1080p video


In terms of quality, the 8MP Iris X1 does very well while the Unite 2 and Q600s come in next with good details and colors. The fixed focus 5MP unit on Moto E is probably the worst performer in this range and if camera on a phone is very important to you, then you should reconsider Moto E. You can check out the samples of the four phones right below.

Motorola Moto E




Micromax Unite 2




Xolo Q600s




Lava Iris X1





Among the four phones, Moto E takes the crown mainly because of its Adreno GPU while the others are stuck with VideoCore GPU or Mali GPU which aren’t quite capable. Most of the games we tried included – Subway Surfer, Riptide GP2, Temple Run 2, Dead Trigger 2 and Shadow gun. Moto E was able to run the casual games well, but just started lagging on the big ones like Shadow gun. The next best is the Unite 2 and that is because of the Mali400 GPU. The VideoCore GPU powered Iris X1 and Q600s performed less than the Moto E and Unite 2. Both these phones could run the game, but that isn’t their strongest suit.





Battery Life

Moto E is the winner here again. Moto E has striped down specifications of the Moto G, but Motorola have kept almost all of its battery juice intact. Moto G had a great battery life and the Moto E does even better. The other phones aren’t that good when compared to the Moto E, but all the three will last at least one day of normal usage. Moto E will definitely last a day and half of normal usage.



As you can see from the comparison above, no phone is perfect and at this price range, almost all of them are far from perfect. But the choice of the perfect phone for you rests with you. If you want an excellent display, but can do with average performance, then you can get the Xolo Q600s. If the phone needs to be fast, compact and have a long battery life, then the Motorola Moto E should be your choice. If you are a fan of big displays, the Micromax Unite 2 should be the one for you. If you want a premium looking device at a bargain price, then the Lava Iris X1 should be your choice with its iPhone like looks. All the phones have their pros and cons and we try to summarize it below.


Motorola Moto E


  • Excellent Battery life
  • Very compact and feels solid
  • Cheapest among the four


  • Horrible camera
  • The screen is very small(comparatively) and you have to use only on-screen buttons
  • Feels heavy and bulky

Micromax Unite 2


  • Big display which is relatively better than others
  • Good battery life
  • Reasonable camera


  • Low resolution display (less than 200ppi)
  • Probably the least good looking device among the four
  • Feels big and bulky

Xolo Q600s


  • Excellent display(considering the four phones)
  • Good solid build quality


  • Performance is bad – UI is slow and sluggish
  • Camera isn’t great

Lava Iris X1


  • Premium looks and very good design(although seems copied from the iPhone)
  • Camera is better than the others


  • Poor performance
  • Battery life could have been better
  • Display performs poorly when compared to the others

Motorola Mobility to shut down Texas smartphone factory

Motorola Mobility will shut down its smartphone factory at Fort Worth, Texas by the end of this year. According to the Wall Street Journal, the plant which was opened in May 2013 had 3,800 workers, which has now reduced to 700 employees. The factory primarily assembled the Moto X, Motorola’s high-end smartphone.

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Motorola releases Motorola Alert app for Moto E

Motorola launched Moto E, its budget handset in India for Rs 6,999. The phone which already is power packed by features is getting more powerful with a special app introduced by the company. Today, Motorola has introduced an app that alerts your contacts when in need.

Motorola Alert

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Motorola Moto E Hands On

Moto E -9

At an event in Delhi today, Motorola made a splash in the budget segment by making its much awaited & leaked device, the Moto E official. The phone boasts of class leading specifications and unrivaled build quality. We spent some time with the phone to gather our first impressions of the device. Read on to find out what we think about the Moto E. Continue reading “Motorola Moto E Hands On”

Motorola Moto E Photo Gallery

Moto E -1
At an event in New Delhi, Motorola launched it’s budget segment device i.e. the Moto E. The phone strikes an interesting balance between price and performance without sacrificing build quality either. We got to spend sometime with what could be the best device in the sub Rs. 10,000 segment and found it be surprisingly appealing. Continue reading “Motorola Moto E Photo Gallery”