South East Asia set to get its first Apple Store in Singapore – Will be Solar Powered


Apple has chosen Singapore as the location to open its first Apple Store in South East Asia. The Store will reportedly run on renewable energy, namely solar energy.

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Apple shuts down Online Sales in Russia

Apple logo

The continuous weakening of the Russian Ruble over the past few days has taken a major casualty in the world of technology with Apple being forced to shut down its Russian Online Store after confirming the constant conditions mean it doesn’t know which to charge customers. Continue reading “Apple shuts down Online Sales in Russia”

Apple UK now supports PayPal, lets you spread payments


When you’re buying from the Apple Online Store in the UK (and the US), there’s a range of ways to pay but Apple have decided to make it even easier by enabling support for PayPal payments. PayPal is considered a must-have payment option by many users as it makes the process much simpler by not requiring you to enter your payment information and now you’ll not only be able to buy items from Apple but you can also spread the cost. Continue reading “Apple UK now supports PayPal, lets you spread payments”

Apple set to open its first store in Belgium


Apple looks set to open its first retail store in Belgium following years of speculation if postings on its jobs page are to be believed. Belgian blog Apple Nieuws Vlaanderen reports that yesterday Apple posted six job listings for positions in an upcoming Retail location in Brussels. The move follows similar listings for stores in Turkey (which opened earlier this year) and the United Arab Emirates. Continue reading “Apple set to open its first store in Belgium”

Apple reportedly asked Indian govt to relax FDI policy to open Apple Stores


Apple is keen on opening up their Apple Stores in India. The Cupertino-based company had asked the Indian government to relax the policy on foreign direct investment (FDI) in single-brand retail, according to a recent report from Business Standard. Latest Indian Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) policy permits 100% stake for foreign businesses, up from the previous limit of 74%, to boost the Indian economy. But current FDI on single-brand retail requires the company to source 30% of its materials locally, for proposals involving foreign investments in excess of 51%.

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Customers Line Up for iPhone 5 Outside Apple’s Fifth Ave Store

AppleInsider reports that customers have already started to wait in line for the iPhone 5 at Apple’s famous Fifth Avenue store in New York City. Around 10 people have lined up outside of the store to become the first to purchase the iPhone 5 on launch day. Customers will be able to purchase an iPhone 5 beginning 8 AM local time this Friday.

It is reported that most of the people waiting in line were hoping to gain attention for websites they were promoting. A reporter from CBS New York program “The Couch” was also present to interview those waiting.

Demand for the iPhone 5 has been incredible. Earlier this morning, Apple announced that over 2 million pre-orders for the iPhone 5 had been placed within the first 24 hours alone. Last year, the iPhone 4S sold 4 million over the launch weekend, making it the fastest iPhone selling it yet. The iPhone 5 is expected to easily beat that number. So much for a “disappointing” iPhone.

Apple stores in China halt selling the iPhone 4S

Just a few days back we had heard and praised Apple for deciding to sell their latest iPhone 4S in China, but just before the device was going to be launched Apple decided that the doors to the Apple stores will remain shut and the sales of iPhone 4S in all the Apple sotres in China will be stopped temporarily.

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Apple iPhone 3G launch means really long queues !

Traffic Jams in areas housing the Apple Stores .. Huge crowds lining up to grab their piece of history ..

These sights are pretty common as the Apple iPhone 3G was officially launched worldwide on July 11th

Apple fans waited for really long hours to purchase an iPhone

This was the scene outside the Palo Alto Apple store which we visited on Saturday

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