Nokia and China Mobile sign 1 billion euro frame agreement for future-oriented network infrastructure


Nokia and China Mobile today announced that they have signed a one-year frame agreement that is being valued at up to EUR 1 billion. This agreement will support the Chinese mobile operators to a future-oriented network infrastructure and provide seamless connectivity to more efficiently growing data traffic demand. Continue reading “Nokia and China Mobile sign 1 billion euro frame agreement for future-oriented network infrastructure”

Apple CEO Tim Cook meets China Mobile head to talk cooperation: Reuters


China Mobile, the world’s largest operator by volume of subscribers is also the only operator in China that doesn’t offer iPhones or iPads for sale. The primary reason why China Mobile doesn’t offer Apple products is due to the company’s homegrown TD-SCDMA technology for 3G, which is an exclusive standard for the operator, for which most companies produce custom radios in their phones. But this might change soon, with Reuters reporting that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is in talks with China Mobile’s Chairman Xi Guohua, for a possible cooperation between the two giants.

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Nokia Lumia 920 coming to China Mobile with TD-SCDMA support

China Mobile, the world’s largest telecom carrier with over 660 million subscribers, has agreed to launch the Nokia Lumia 920 on its network. Nokia revealed that its flagship Windows Phone 8 smartphone will be available on the Chinese operator. The phone will support the TD-SCDMA infrastructure used in China.

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iPhone 5 hitting USA on September 5, International launch on October 5?

From last few months, we are hearing a lot of rumors about the Apple upcoming iPhone. Last month, we first heard that China Mobile will launch the new iPhone in September and then an analyst also claimed it, but he further said that Apple will launch two versions of it, one will be known as iPhone 5 and other will be iPhone 4S. We heard it before that there will be two versions of iPhone, but let’s wait for Apple to clear the air. I am about to tell you about another rumor related to the next iPhone, but this one is related to the release only. Continue reading “iPhone 5 hitting USA on September 5, International launch on October 5?”

China Mobile employee confirmed next iPhone due in September

Apple iPhone is always the hottest topic to discuss and these days, a lot of rumors are around us about the iPhone 5. One thing is confirmed that Apple will launch the next iPhone because they refresh their iPhone line every year and they will do it this year too but everyone have only one question, when it’s really coming out? From last 2-3 years, Apple was launching the new iPhone in June-July period, but this time there will be no iPhone in June-July time frame as AT&T confirmed it. Continue reading “China Mobile employee confirmed next iPhone due in September”

Samsung Galaxy S hits China in 3 different flavors !

Samsung has very big plans for their Galaxy S line. They want to launch it in 100 countries, and want to break a lot of records. So now Samsung is heading towards China, the World most populated country. Samsung is launching the Galaxy S in 3 different flavors, CDMA Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S hits China in 3 different flavors !”

Press: Nokia C5 and Nokia X5 announced for China Mobile

Nokia has unveiled the C5 and X5 for China. While we have seen the C5 already . We are seeing the X5 for the first time !

Update : press shot added – the CDMA C5 looks different from the original C5 announced at CeBit

Nokia extends its offering in the TD-SCDMA market

Announcing two new sleek and stylish devices: Nokia C5 and Nokia X5

Beijing, China – Nokia today strengthens its TD-SCDMA portfolio announcing two new devices: the Nokia X5 and the Nokia C5 for TD-SCDMA. Customized for China Mobile – the world’s leading operator – these two new TD-SCDMA devices which include the first joint mobile application store, the Mobile Market-Ovi Store, are another demonstration of Nokia’s continued commitment to TD-SCDMA as a major standard in China. The Nokia X5 and C5 will debut at the World Expo Shanghai 2010, where consumers can test the Nokia TD-SCDMA devices powerful entertainment features and rich internet experience in the China Mobile Expo area. Continue reading “Press: Nokia C5 and Nokia X5 announced for China Mobile”

Now Chinese Mobile Owners Can Continue Using their Mobiles

chinese mobile

Recently there were speculations that Chinese Mobiles may soon be banned in India, and the apex court (Supreme Court) of India also ordered to ban all Chinese mobiles in India that are being used without IMEI numbers.

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Geek IT stores launches IMEIDATA website

Geek IT Stores launches IMEIDATA portal for genuine mobile IMEI registration.
Geek, leading genuine IMEI mobile retailer,launched a new customer registration portal for genuine imei mobiles, data will be used for telecom & DOT ban for china mobiles.

We have recently seen that the Government has framed a deadline for china mobiles without a proper IMEI number

Geek IT Stores, has initiated India`s First Genuine IMEI portal, supporting the Indian Govt. & DOT ban on illegal china mobiles. As per April 30th, all illegal smuggled china phones will be rendered useless ,as they will lose network connectivity. Continue reading “Geek IT stores launches IMEIDATA website”

China Mobiles movement in India

Understanding the China Mobiles movement in India

Introducing our Guest ,Amit Nayak, CEO, GEEK IT STORES .

Chinese mobile phones are flooding the indian mobile market and are giving tough competition to reputed brands.

But they have also been hitting the headlines due to poor quality or due absence of IMEI number.

Amit will clear your doubts regarding chinese mobile phones.

Are you a china mobile customer?? Are you using Chinese mobile? Are you safe using a such a phone ,

from health & legal point of view!! Continue reading “China Mobiles movement in India”

Indian Government asks Operators to ban Chinese and Korean Handsets without IMEI

The DOT of Department of Telecom has asked all Operators to ban handsets without a legitimate IMEI number on January 6th.

This directive comes as a fight against terror as these handsets are being used by terrorists as they do not have an IMEI number in them.There are as many as 25 million unbranded handsets imported from China and Korea that are believed to be on the knife’s edge.

They have asked operators to block mobiles with fake IMEI numbers like all zeroes .

The Indian Government has postponed the previous deadline for Operators from 6th January 2009 to March 31 2009.

So be careful when purchasing these Chinese or other imported handsets ..

You might even be questioned by the authorities .

Nokia’s New Ad Campaign

Nokia has thrown out an innovative ad campaign in the Mumbai Mirror Newspaper. It is against piracy and the highly ridiculed China Mobile or Korean sets as we call them dearly in the south.The ad is nice and gives a crisp idea that these fake mobiles don’t have IMEI number and hence they help terrorism in a very easy way as calls made using them cannot be traced.

View the pictures and see how true and nice the campaign is.