Fake iPhone Photo Gallery

Fake iPhone 01

A couple of days ago, an unlucky, not exactly tech-savy colleague of mine, returned back home from one of our storage halls, reporting happily that he just purchased a new Apple iPhone 4S for just € 135 from a random dude selling knife kits and iphones on the streets. Even though he’s no mobile expert, he was a little bit suspicious at first too, but ultimately decided to buy it. A bargain, right? iPhone 4S for such a little price? Well, you probably guessed it by now, it was a fraud. This is not an iPhone 4S.
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User guide of GT-i9300 leaked?

The entire world is eager to see what Samsung has to offer in the Galaxy S III which is said to be launching on May 3. There has been loads of rumors, supposedly leaked images, and many stories about the S III and its components. Well, this is one more leak about the galaxy S III but this time it’s the user guide with specs which has been leaked.

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Is This the Design of the Apple iPhone 5?

There is a lot of discussion going on regarding the release date of the Apple iPhone 5- ie whether it is September or October. So here’s something about the design for a change. The phone in the picture above isn’t the real Apple iPhone 5.

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Next gen iPhone Fake or Real

Reports are from a French website French iphone blog iPhon.fr suggest that this is the next gen iphone. But they sure don’t seem so as everyone the internet claim it’s a choppy Photoshop work of the LG Vu. Well amidst several rumors it looks quite promising not enough to be dropped or brushed aside unless any strong source cooks up something really true.

[via : Engadget]