HTC Camera app updated with RAW image support for One M9 and more


HTC’s Camera app update on Thursday has got the RAW imaging support for the flagship One M9, and more camera improvements for other HTC devices. Continue reading “HTC Camera app updated with RAW image support for One M9 and more”

Google Play gets age based app rating system

Google Play has introduces age based rating system for apps and games in Google Play Store. The new system will allow app submissions to be reviewed by staff and enable developers to complete a content rating questionnaire for each of their apps and games to receive objective content ratings.
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Nexus 6 Google Play UK pricing revealed


Waiting to get your hands on the Nexus 6 in the UK? The wait appeared to be nearing an end after we saw an online retailer put the handset up for contract pre-orders earlier this week. Now Google has released the UK pricing for the Nexus 6 on Google Play and it’s certainly much dearer than past Nexus handsets. Continue reading “Nexus 6 Google Play UK pricing revealed”

Monument Valley arrives on Android for Rs. 245


Monument Valley, one of the most beautiful looking puzzle games ever, has arrived on Android, as promised, for a similar price of Rs. 245 on the Google Play Store. Released back in April for iOS, the game garnered praise for its stunningly designed levels, sporting a minimalistic 3D approach. It is a beautiful combination of art and mathematics, as it incorporates the optical illusion of a penrose triangle in most of its levels and bases the gameplay on its design, using impossible architecture. From a different perspective, it is a simple game of getting from point A to point B, usually by solving puzzles with mechanical movements. It has 10 levels of eyegasmic goodness and we think it is totally worth a buy, if you are into visually enriching puzzle games. Here is the launch trailer and the download links –


Download on Google Play

Download on Apple App Store

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Google Play Store clocks the most downloads but still lags behind App Store in revenue


According to new statistics released by App Annie Index, Google’s Play Store exceeded the iOS app store by 45% in total downloads but still lagged behind when it comes to actual revenues. Worldwide, it is clear that Android is dominating the market, with over 80% marketshare, which has led to a surge in downloads from emerging markets like Russia and Brazil, but the downside is that a large number of apps on Android are free or based on the freemium model, which drastically lowers the barrier of entry, keeping the target markets in mind, whereas Apple’s iOS enjoys higher marketshare and install base in developed countries. This news might not surprise you, but head past the break for some more interesting analysis based on the data.

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Google Play Music All Access can now store music on SD cards

Avid users of Google’s Play Music All Access service have long lamented the lack of ability to set a download location for offline music. With the latest update, Google’s Spotify Competitor lets you store the tracks on the SD card instead of eating up valuable internal storage. Google Play Music All Access is a service by the search giant that lets subscribers stream music from a 16 million track library and also lets you keep tracks offline.

google play all access sd card

If you just stream music or have a device that lacks a card slot then this won’t affect you much. However, if your use case scenario is similar to ours where you end up saving playlists offline over WiFi to avoid going over your data limit then you’d know how quickly all those tracks can eat up space. Simply head to the settings option in the app and click storage location. A pop up will let you decide between internal storage or an SD card if you have it installed in your phone. In the brief amount of time we spent with the updated version of the application, we couldn’t spot an option to move already existing tracks over to the SD card so you might have to redownload those.


CyanogenMod Installer removed from Google Play Store

CyanogenMod Installer

Just a few weeks back we’d reported on the CyanogenMod Installer making its way to Google’s Play Store. The app was meant to make it easier for average users to install the extremely popular custom ROM on their Android phones. Now, the CM team reports that the application has been voluntarily removed from the app store. Continue reading “CyanogenMod Installer removed from Google Play Store”

Samsung, HTC post kernel source for Google Play Edition handsets


As the first phones get the Android 4.4 KitKat update, Samsung and HTC have both begun preparing for the roll out to Google Play Edition devices. Samsung has posted the kernel source for the GPe Galaxy S4 online at its open source website. The download size of the source is 399MB and has all the open source parts of the update. These bits will only be of use to developers as it is not available as a full system image yet. Continue reading “Samsung, HTC post kernel source for Google Play Edition handsets”

Focal camera app now available on Google Play, distances itself from CyanogenMod


Ever since CyanogenMod announced the formation of a new company called Cyanogen Inc, there’s been a lot of drama involved within the team. Guillaume Lesniak, the person behind the rather awesome Focal camera app, has distanced himself from Cyanogen because of the changes in licensing. The app will now be available on the Google Play store and is initially in beta phase. Continue reading “Focal camera app now available on Google Play, distances itself from CyanogenMod”

Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition Unboxing

I was in New York city recently for an event and managed to get hold of the recently launched Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition for unboxing as I’m a huge fan of devices running stock Android and the Galaxy S4 has some great internals and a full HD Super AMOLED display. Samsung’s TouchWiz UI on top on Android does offer some useful features but it does come at a cost in terms of free space on the device and

httpv:// Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition Unboxing”

Disney’s Monsters University game now available on Android and iOS


Monsters University, the fun animated prequel to the Monsters Inc. movie that released a long time back, has just landed in theatres worldwide today and co-inciding with the release is a brand new game from Disney – Monsters University(yes, the same name as the movie) for iOS and Android. The game features two mini games inside it, and promises to bring more mini games in future updates. It is available for download on the iTunes app store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android.

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Google Play Music access brings streaming, tailored radio and more to Android phones, tablets and web


Google has finally made its rumoured new Music streaming official, and it has called it “Google Play Music all access”. The Spotify like streaming service also has few more tricks up its sleeve, with Pandora like tailored radio with curated content with respect to taste. With this service announcement, Google has seriously stepped up its game in the music services field. Priced at 9.99$ per month, this will be available first in the United States and eventually in other markets. India might get it very very late though, as Google Play Music itself is not available here.

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Google Play Game services go official for Android, iOS and web


Google just announced the Play gaming services for Android, iOS and web, which is a cross platform gaming service for achievements and multiplayer, like, for example, Xbox live and the iOS game centre. This was rumoured quite a while ago, and this includes various features like cloud saves, Google plus integration for adding friends, leaderboards and achievements. The service is going to be made available for iOS and the web too, taking advantage of Google plus in all the platforms. While the demo on stage failed misreably, the concept of multi-player gaming between three tablets with match making over Google Plus circles is really cool.

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Google Nexus 7 orders already being delivered in India

When the Google Nexus 7 tablet went on sale last week , Google indicated that it would ship the orders by April 5th.  But looks like the company decided to ship them out earlier than expected. A few readers have already mailed us that they have already received Fedex tracking numbers for the shipment and 1 reader actually got the device delivered at his home as you can see from the photo below. Continue reading “Google Nexus 7 orders already being delivered in India”

Google Play celebrates first birthday with gifts and goodies


Google Play was launched exactly one year ago, in an effort to converge all the ecosystem specific piece under one brand. That was the day the Android Market died, just the name though. And today, it has turned one, and as a way of celebrating the first birthday, Google has some gifts and goodies for all the user out there. With that said, here is a video featuring all the goodies you get, specially made for the Google Play anniversary. Here is a short video explaining what all goodies you get in some games and apps, just for the celebration of Google Play’s anniversary.


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