Focal camera app now available on Google Play, distances itself from CyanogenMod


Ever since CyanogenMod announced the formation of a new company called Cyanogen Inc, there’s been a lot of drama involved within the team. Guillaume Lesniak, the person behind the rather awesome Focal camera app, has distanced himself from Cyanogen because of the changes in licensing. The app will now be available on the Google Play store and is initially in beta phase.

Even for a beta, the app is fully featured and includes everything from burst shot, set timers, camera effects, light settings and even a range of scene modes. Interestingly, Focal also has a PhotoSphere replacement built in and is called PicSphere. We’re quite impressed by the beta version and it’ll only get better over time. If you’ve been wanting to check out what is arguably one of the best replacement camera apps out there right now, do check out Focal by heading to the Play Store link mentioned below.

[Play Store – Focal]

Author: Dhruv Bhutani

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