Poll:Which one is better: Nexus One or HTC Desire?

Today I was sitting on my PC, and I suddenly start thinking about the HTC Desire and the Nexus One. Both phones are very good, and known as the one of the best devices ever manufactured by HTC. I was thinking to buy one, and these two phones came in my mind, and I start thinking which one is the best? Android 2.2 for Nexus One is out, and Android 2.2 for HTC Desire will be out before Christmas, as HTC promised. Both phones are almost same, there are only some slight differences. The Nexus One has 512MB of RAM while the Desire boosts that to 576MB. The bluetooth version on Nexus One is 2.0, while the HTC Desire features 2.1. There is no sign of FM Radio on Nexus One, but the HTC Desire comes with it. Let’s talk about the hardware, the Desire feature an optical trackpad and physical command buttons, and the Nexus One has an trackball and touch-sensitive command buttons. If you talk about the design, I give the design crown to the Nexus One, because I think that the design of Nexus One is more attractive as compared to the HTC Desire. Nexus One also features noise cancellation mic and triband HSDPA/WCDMA unlike the HTC Desire. The Desire features 900/2100 dualband radio, so if you live in the USA, then you will not be able to use 3G on HTC Desire, but if you are in UK or Asia, then you can. You can use AT&T and T-Mobile 3G networks on Nexus One, and that’s the only reason I will ditch HTC Desire for Nexus One.

I came to a conclusion that HTC Desire is slightly better than the Nexus One, why it’s better? Because the phone runs Android with HTC Sense UI. HTC Sense UI is an award winning user interface, and when HTC Sense UI works with Android OS, it turns into the best user experience ever, that’s the feature which is missing on Nexus One. There’s also a very good option in HTC Desire, you can also turn off the Sense UI on HTC Desire, if you want to use the stock Android UI on the HTC Desire. So the conclusion is in front of you, you can use both HTC Sense UI and Android stock UI on HTC Desire, but on Nexus One only stock Android UI. Well, you can root your Nexus One to run HTC Desire Sense UI ROM, but why you want to root it if you can get it on the HTC Desire, which is almost similar in price with Nexus One. If you own a HTC Desire and want to turn of  the Sense UI, then have a look on the video:


Thanks to AndroidandMe for the video. Well people, that’s what I think. There is a poll after the break, I want to see the view of all the people reading this article. Which phone is better? Which one is more beautiful? Which one has better performance and user experience? Vote it and tell me about it in the comment box.