Sony Ericsson Cybershot concept looks hot

Recently we showed you first shot of Sony Ericsson upcoming Cybershot phone, which will be their first ever Android Cybershot phone. Sony Ericsson Cybershot series is famous because of the amazing camera quality and you may have seen the Arc and its camera is brilliant, so you can expect a good camera in it. Well, the shot was very blurry but it was clear enough to give its design idea to amazing Jamaican photographer Shane Bygrave, and he created a concept image of the Cybershot Android phone and the image above can give you some idea how the Cybershot-Android powered phone will look like.

Well folks, it’s just a concept so don’t fall for it. Hopefully, Sony Ericsson will unveil it soon, so let’s wait for it or maybe someone will just leak a clear shot of it soon. By the way, anyone looking forward to Cybershot Android-powered phone?